Friday, May 21, 2004

If You Missed Ann...

Ann Coulter rocked the house on Hannity & Colmes and Scarborough Country last night. I absolutely loooooooooove Joe Scarborough, he is new to my list of favorite people. I couldn't find the H&C transcript, but Scarborough's got one. Pat Buchanan also had some great lines on Scarborough's show. Here's a little teaser:

Now, what happened at Abu Ghraib prison was, we all agree, an outrage. It was nasty. It was obscene. We investigate it. We condemn it. What Saddam Hussein was doing in there was rape, torture and murder as a matter of policy. In other words, what happened in Abu Ghraib was against our policy. What he did in Abu Ghraib was his policy. To put a moral equivalence there, I think, is a moral outrage on the part of Senator Kennedy.

Due to the Flyers game, I had to record the late night reruns but it was a nice way to start my day. It got me up for arguing about politics at work. *rolls eyes in the direction of Bush-hating recent college graduate co-worker who wants to crash my inaugural ball*

The Stuff of Nightmares

I just finished watching Protest Warrior's newest video and I have to say, I'm really frightened. The far-left ANSWER people are absolutely insane and they're freaking scary. These people are always calling us on the right "fascists" and "Nazis," but I swear their behavior comes straight from the pages of "1984," or more likely from Mao's "Little Red Book."

They've got people smashing signs, roughing up people who disagree with them and security forces in neon vests trying to contain the Protest Warriors. In the video you see some of the hippies shouting at the Protest Warriors that they're Nazis and at the same time you have these ANSWER people screaming at them and manhandling them.

Probably the worst thing were all the people wearing the bandanas and black hoods around their faces and foreheads. You know the look: exactly the same as the killers in the Nick Berg video. And these people are running around as enforcers for the anti-war nuts. Breaking signs, screaming, shoving, all the while hiding their faces. That's truly scary. What's even more disgusting is that these people CHOOSE to wear these things that scream "TERRORIST" when you look at them. I'm sorry, but I think that anybody wearing those things like that at this point is akin to swastika armbands from 60 years ago. And really, I hate all this Nazi talk. It's ridiculous. But the left is so fond of it and it's so frequent that I can't bite my tongue and have to point out that these people are actively dressing in the symbols of our enemies. That's creepy. Is it their right? Sure, but I'll be damned if they think I can't call them enemy sympathizers for it. Watch the Operation Wolverines video (it's long, so download the lower res version, which is smaller, MB-wise) and tell me those roving bands of people with the terrorist masks aren't disturbing. Honestly now, who looks more like an SA member? The guy in the would-be Hamas garb shoving people around or the guy standing stoically with a sign and American flags as people shout abuse at him?


I've been dying for an excuse to use that word. If you're unfamiliar, it's from the clever new series of Miller ads, declaring Miller a candidate for "President of Beers." Damn good marketing.

Anyway, I chose that because the title of the colum I'm linking to happens to be "A Travesty of a Mockery of a Sham". In it, James Glassman argues that the US is not doing enough in the field of public diplomacy, that is making the case for freedom and democracy and the War on Terror to the world. Essentially, it's about the government's role in the war of ideas, and what the travishamockery is, is our anemic efforts in this area. Glassman is dead on in saying that the US needs to be doing what it did in the Cold War: explain our policies and show people the benefits of freedom and representative government. Unfortunately, he writes, we're doing a terrible job at the moment. Read the whole thing.

This is actually an angle that is near and dear to my heart. I strongly believe that the United States needs to win the war of ideas internationally, just like conservatives must win domestically. I've come to believe that the best thing conservatives can do is to put their ideas out there and contrast them to those of the left and I think that people will be persuaded when they see that our ideas are the right ones. That's why I think a few letters to the editor in the local paper are better than any call list, though the conventional wisdom seems to think the other way around. However, I'm heartened that the Bush campaign seems to be taking notice and asking people to help wage the war of ideas. Now if only they'd do that internationally...

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Thursday, May 20, 2004


David, a girl can never have too many pairs of shoes. EXCEPT THESE ARE $10 PLUS SHIPPING!!!

Kevin, if the three of you will read Atlas Shrugged, I'll read your boring history book. I have a bad feeling that it will be more expensive than Ayn Rand's magnificent work of art. What's with me and money tonight?

RE: "Animals"

I'm just going to say it: what the hell is wrong with the author of that letter? He's saying that the terrorists' murder of Nick Berg was a courageous act? Excuse me? What twisted world does this guy live in? That is one of the most cowardly acts imaginable, it's absolutely disgusting that this guy thinks it took courage to do that. Zarqawi stood in a secret room wearing one of those evil black masks and sawed the head off of an innocent man as he screamed. How can you even hear of that evil act and not think it horrible? This guy's not a "hero" to his countrymen. He's a terrorist and a murderer. He's been doing the same kinds of things to innocent Iraqis. Zarqawi is determined not to allow democracy in Iraq because he knows that's best for the Iraqi people and for the United States. He's willing to kill however many people it takes to stop it. Zarqawi is an evil creature, an animal, and the author of that letter is a disgusting example of a terrorist apologist.

He then proceeds to praise Saddam Hussein and call our VOLUNTEER military worse than Saddam's conscript army where they treated the soldiers like trash and forced them to bribe their officers just so the enlisted men wouldn't be tortured.

What a sick, absolutely insane man this guy is. He should go live in Iran for a year and see if they look kindly on his letters.

'Praiseworthy' and 'The Doghouse'

You may have noticed the addition of these two sections over on the sidebar and I thought I'd give a brief introduction to them. "Praiseworthy" is pretty basic. Just an acknowledgement of people we think have done or said something great recently. "The Doghouse" is probably the more significant of the two. It's our way of chastizing conservatives and Republicans for not being true to their core values, for acting like idiots, for assisting Demorcats, or for being moderates. Ann Coulter once said that moderate Republicans are worse than any Democrat because they get Democratic policies enacted. She's exactly right, and this is our little way of putting these people on notice. It's not enough to have an "R" next to your name, even Lincoln Chaffee can do that. The idea is to be a conservative or libertarian and be true to that. It's also to show that we don't march lock-step with the GOP as liberals are so quick to accuse.

I was going to inaugerate the Doghouse with the hated Arlen Specter, for his years of moderatism and liberal voting record, but Lehman's remarks were just so outrageous and so clearly designed to showboat, that he had to go. The 9/11 commission has already been seriously compromised by partisan politics and its media circus atmoshphere. It's inexcusable for Lehman to contribute to that, and even moreso to insult the heroic efforts of the New York City emergency services that day. Fortunately, Rudy Giuliani put things into perspective.

Don't Toss Your Cookies

There was a real winner of a letter in today's Morning Call. The newspaper's website is on the fritz this evening, so I've included this wonderful letter in all its glory.

Don't go overboard and call Iraqis 'animals'

While The Morning Call has been fulfilling a duty to publish different views, it was horrifying to see the May 15 letter that described Iraqi fighters as "animals." Men battling an invader against hopeless odds will surely be looked on as heros [sic] by their countrymen in years to come. You don't have to be on the Iraqi side to recognize great courage.

Sure, the beheading of the unfortunate prisoner was a rotten thing to do. So too is the inviting of the relations of a murdered man to witness his execution in the electric chair. (At least, in Muslim lands, the bereaved family can signal to let the man go free.)

And the whole war? Even the Pope in Rome ruled it an "unjust war." And the terrible dictator? Maybe, but when Saddam Hussein first got to power, the majority of adults were illiterate. He brought in thousands of teachers to teach everybody to read Arabic. Women were completely free. By law, girls got the same education as boys. There were women engineers. But Iraqis did not send 20-year-old unmarried mothers out into the front line as soldiers.

The Morning Call may support President Bush, but "animals?" The paper should not have published it.

Wow, where should I begin?

I love how liberals bring up the point that the Pope opposed the war in Iraq. They love to trumpet this little fact and think it means that we obviously should be there, since the leader of the Catholic church says no. Guess what? When the Pope issues encyclicals on abortion, suddenly the liberals don't want us to listen to John Paul II. When the Pope speaks on contraception, whoa, look out, the liberals don't want to hear it, because it's oppressing women and depriving them of freedom. Blah blah blah blah blah. I would wager a decent amount that the author of this letter doesn't care when the Pope emphasizes the evils of abortion. But when the Pope calls Operation Iraqi Freedom unjust, America should pay attention. These are the same people who went on endlessly about the Catholic priest sex scandal (many of them are cool with NAMBLA though) and complained that the church doesn't let priests marry or accept women for ordination. If people like this author were consistent, I might give him some credit. But this is just yet another example of liberal hypocrisy.

Instead of bringing Saddam Hussein to justice, I think the author would prefer to give him a medal. Is reading important? Of course. So is breathing. What good does reading do if you're DEAD? HELLO! How can one applaud the merits of fighting illiteracy when SADDAM HUSSEIN WAS OUT RAPING AND KILLING PEOPLE!??!?!? Women were NOT completely free! They had to worry about being picked off the street by Saddam's morally bankrupt sons and being raped in a back alley somewhere! How can anyone argue that the women of Iraq were completely free? What does Islamic law say about unwed mothers? I realize that Iraq was a secular country, but what do you think might have happened to an unmarried mother in Iraq? The U.S. military is the best in the world and it is a volunteer force. These brave men and women all freely signed up. The Iraqi people didn't know the meaning of the word "free" under the Saddam Hussein regime.

Flames in the Finals

The evil Sharks are finally vanquished. These are shaping up to be exciting Stanley Cup finals. I think a Tampa Bay-Calgary series would be great, so that's what I'm hoping for. I want the Flames to win it all, though. Sorry, Flyers fans.

I was going to say that this looks like the most interesting Finals since the Avs won in 2001, but then I forgot last year's 7 game series between New Jersey and Anaheim. That was a great series, but it wasn't all that exciting going in. Anyway, I'm going to ahve to enjoy it because who knows what's going to happen with the Collective Bargaining Agreement in September...

Re: Flip-Flops

Mary, you should have held off on your sandal purchase. I got an email from the CRNC today about the official John "Fing" Kerry Flip Flops. Those with the Kerry's House of Waffles T-shirt would make an unbeatable beachwear combination.

Russian Scientists: "Nyet" on Kyoto

Ian Murray says the official report of the Russian Academy of Sciences to Putin is for him to reject the Kyoto Protocol. He asks if we'll hear of this in the mainstream media. I'm sure he knows the answer is a resounding "no."

I'm interested in another angle though. Who wants to guess whether this will make a difference in the denunciations of the United States (and specifically Bush) for not prostrating itself before the altar of global warming? I mean, everyone's been saying that "the world" is against the US in Iraq, because "the world" constitutes Germany, Russia and France. Well, now 1/3 of "the world" is against Kyoto. Not just that, but the largets country in the world and a former superpower. So will we hear cries of indignation about Russia and how selfish Moscow is? I'm guessing that's not too likely.

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Norman Rich book was great!

Mary, since you are the only one who hasn't had the pleasure, I think we can work out an agreement whereby you read the Rich book and we will read Atlas.

4 Years of Books

I've been working on packing up this evening and I've been cataloging my books as I put them in boxes. I've got somewhere around 60 books to ship, and those are just the ones I've kept. They range from writing style guides, to a copy of 1984, to Japanese dictionaries, to Ann Coulter's books, to a copy of the Federalist papers. Of the books I had to read for classes, here are a few of my favorites:

The Prize: The Epic Quest for Oil, Money & Power by Daniel Yergin
This is probably the best book I read for any class. It's an engrossing history of the oil industry and its effects on world politics. It's a Pulitzer Prize-Winner, and though it's 700 pages, it's highly recommended. The only problem is, it only goes up the to the Gulf War. One of my professors urges Mr. Yergin to write a sequel up to the present day every time they meet. I encouraged him to continue.

Great Power Diplomacy 1814-1914 by Norman Rich
Probably the nerdiest book I read. I heard everyone else in the class hated this book, but I loved it. It's a great look at what is, to me, one of the most fascinating periods in all of world history for international politics. From Waterloo to the Concert of Europe to the age of Realpolitick to WWI, it's just fascinating stuff. You have to be a history buff to like this one.

Cadillac Desert by Marc Reisner
A surprisingly interesting history of the water crisis in the Western United States. It traces the history of the Bureau of Reclamation and the damming of the great Western rivers and details just how dry the West really is. Probably the most interesting part was the illumination of just how inefficient and nonsensical the federal government bureaucracy is. It's one long list of governmental bungling.

First Great Triumph by Warren Zimmermann
The subtitle of the book says it all: "How Five Americans Made Their Country a World Power." Zimmerman follows the lives of John Hay (author of the "Open Door Note"), Alfred Thayer Mahan (author of The Influence of Sea Power Upon History arguably the most influential book on naval warfare ever written), Senator Henry Cabot Lodge (famed jingo and later President Wilson's greatest foe), Elihu Root (Sec. of State and governor of Cuba) and Theodore Roosevelt and how they shaped the events of 1898. The book then follows the American experiment with imperialism from 1898-1904. Another great read about a fascinating time in American history when the United States started down the road to superpower.

Check them out on Amazon if you're interested.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

God Bless America and My New Shoes

This is what I call an impulse buy. Hey, I needed flipflops anyway and they were patriotic and cheap, so damnit, they are now mine! After a whole day of bathing suit shopping, I tend to go crazy. These will look hot for my annual Republican 4th of July party.

Go Flames Go

If you're looking for politics, move on to the next post.

My poor, beloved Avs are unfortunately on the golf course instead of the ice right now. This year I think I want to blame Pierre Lacroix, but for the Drury trade, not necessarily anything he did this year, except trading Derek Morris, which made the Drury trade pointless. Let's also not forget him trading away all of Colorado's prospects...

Anyway, the Avs' embarrassment aside, I'm declaring my support for the Flames to win the Cup this year. They have former Avs who I still like, such as Stephan Yelle (another horrible trade, that just happened to be the same as the Drury trade) and Villie Niemenan. They have Jarome Iginla, who is amazingly good and entertaining to watch. He's like Peter Forsberg, The Sequel. Then there's Miikka Kiprusoff, who besides being an awesome goaltender, has a name I never get tired of saying. Factor in that a Canadian team hasn't been to the Finals in 10 years and that I hate San Jose, that I don't want Philly to win and that I like the guys on the Lightning but there's no way the Stanley Cup should be in Florida, I'm pulling for the Flames this year. Tonight they're one win away from representing the West in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Add this to your summer reading list

Just saw this guy Bob Kohn on O'Reilly's show talking about the LA Times' editor's recent attack on Fox News. Just the title of his book makes me want to read it: "Journalistic Fraud: How The New York Times Distorts the News and Why It Can No Longer Be Trusted." Oh man, now that's a title.

I suddenly have much more respect for Bill Cosby

Check out what Cosby had to say at the dinner commemorating the 50th anniversary of Brown vs. Board of Education. Also make note of the great reactions of Howard University President Patrick Swygert and NAACP President Kweisi Mfume afterwards.

Via The Corner

"No Gas Day" people have no common sense

Well its May 19th, No Gas Day, and while I haven't driven past a pump yet today I know this will be a complete failure. All this day calls for is not to buy gas TODAY...not carpool to work, or walk, run, or bike around town, nothing that would actually not use gas. The vast majority of the people that will end up not buying gas today will still be driving as usual, so they will have either bought gas yesterday, or will buy gas tomorrow! Tomorrow could be a record day for gas sales, despite the high prices. If this was done right, it would have been "Public Transportation, Carpool, or Walk Day." What about "Write your Congressman a Letter Asking Him to Support Drilling in ANWR Day!"

Of course you all knew this, there's no need to point this all out.


I just spent 45 minutes writing a post about Kurt Vonnegut and the damn browser gave me a DNS error when I tried to post it and then lost everything. @#$%^@$%@$%@#$% Very, very angry.


That's about the only thing I can think of to title this. According to the AP, an American helicopter fired on and killed people in an Iraqi wedding party today. The immediate question about this tragedy is why a US helicopter would do this. Well, according to a doctor who treated the injured, "people at the wedding fired weapons in the air...." This certainly doesn't excuse an apparent major lapse in judgement by one of our pilots, but that explains a lot.

Something a lot of commentators have spoken of is changing Arab culture in the process of democratizing the Middle East (read: winning the War on Terror) and I agree. This is an example of something that needs to be changed. Firing weapons into the air to celebrate is downright primitive and dangerous. This isn't the Wild West, this is supposed to be civilization. And even in the Wild West, they shot revolvers into the air. Arabs celebrate with repeated bursts from AKs. How many people are injured or killed just from the stray bullets? And how many tragedieslike this one have occurred because others mistook the celebratory gunfire for hostile gunfire? This has to stop.

John Lehman

Hannity's buddy (and graduate of my high school) John Lehman is under fire after his comments yesterday at the 9/11 commission hearing at Bob Kerrey U.

Crocodile Tears from the Media's Left Eye

Something else Rush touched on today is a great column by John O'Sullivan on NRO today discussing the failings of the media in the last week.

Well, perhaps "failings" isn't the right word. More like, "outright distortions." Certainly nothing new.

O'Sullivan concludes:

"Selective agonizing, taking dictation from terror, willing gullibility, galloping inferentialism, and criminalizing anti-terrorism — not a short list of media failings for a single week. And when all the mistakes are on the side of opposing the liberation of Iraq, and none of the mistakes favor the U.S. or Britain or Bush or Blair, it tells you something. Namely, which side they're on. Or 'tears are shed only from the left eye.'"

As Glenn Reynolds would say, read the whole thing. Hopefully, I'll be back later today with some thoughts/analysis that weren't that aren't other people's.

Re: Flag-Waving

Rush mentioned that the USOC released a statement about flag-waving by US athletes, saying, "The United States Olympic Committee wants to make it absolutely clear that we have not -- and will not -- instruct our athletes to refrain from waving the United States flag during the upcoming Athens Olympic and Paralympic Games. Any suggestions or statements to the contrary do not reflect the official position of our organization."

Well, I'm pleased to see that this Mike Moran guy doesn't speak for the USOC. I am a little concerned that the acting president was talking about "jingoism," but this statement comes from the Chief Executive's office, and I don't know who overrides who. The important thing is, I'm glad they were either embarassed or outraged at this story and decided to lay it to rest.

What's sad, though, is that the original story didn't make anyone think, "There's no way the USOC could be saying that." This kind of thinking has unfortunately become more and more common. Kudos to the USOC for refusing to participate.

Back from hiatus

Mary you would be proud of me... I didn't watch the 11am West Wing, but i can't promise anything about the noon episode. I'm back from my poor-golf round hiatus but I can't think of much to say. I was listening to Sean when Dick Morris was on as well, and I loved his idea of a two colume rebuttal to "My Life" when it comes out. Hey Brian, are you going to pick that one up? Anyway, here's an interview with Gore Vidal that was interesting, agree with him or call him a loon, it doesn't much matter, it was at least interesting. Not quite as crazy as Commencement boy Kurt, but then again no one can be that looney.

Karen Hughes, Are You Listening?

Sean Hannity had Dick Morris on his radio program yesterday and as I was attempting to make dinner, they were talking about Kerry and Nader and gas prices. Sean promised once again to never forgive Dick Morris for helping Clinton get re-elected, but the guy did have some good things to say. The most interesting suggestion he made was a little tip for Team Bush, one that I think is an excellent idea.

Morris wants Bush to propose legislation to repeal the gas tax enacted under Clinton. This would force Kerry to vote against it (or not show up, as he did to a recent bill that he wanted to pass that didn't by one vote) and Morris thinks it would be the perfect way to make Kerry look bad. I think it's a good idea, because repealing any Clinton measure that costs me more money (or ANYONE'S tax for that matter) is a great thing. However, I don't think it's going to cause a change of heart for many consumers, as the tax is only five cents a gallon, and when the price is $2.40, not many people will get excited over a drop down to $2.35. I would and I'm sure my fellow cost-conscious bloggers would as well, but some people will complain that it isn't enough.

However, there is one other angle to such a policy. If Kerry either skips the vote or votes in favor of repealing the gas tax, this could drive quasi-sane environmentalists into the Nader camp. Those who are really hard core are already there, but there have to be some borderline "I would love to vote for Nader but Kerry isn't REALLY that bad" people out there.

Either way you look at it, I don't think the repeal would do much harm to Bush. There will be the usual tree huggers who think that this will mean more people buying gas and killing Mother Earth, but when have they ever been on our side anyway? The average American would appreciate any relief from these gas prices that he can get, and this would not be done at the expense of our reserves and it doesn't even involve drilling in Alaska!

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Yadda yadda yadda

1.) By David's definition, I am a pinko. Scary.

2.) This is an open thank-you to liberal college professors who are able to put up with right-wing students like myself without getting too crazy. One of my final exams could have been poorly received and it was not, because my professor happens to be an unbiased grader. Could have fooled me, I was expecting the worst after a semester of anti-Bush quips in class, but I was pleasantly surprised. I should see if I can get my major advisor switched. They're all lefties in the polisci department, but my professor is obviously the better lefty, and that's not just because he thinks I'm a porn star. (Inquire for further details, if you're one of the few people left who has not heard this funny story yet.)

3.) I cannot stress enough how totally amazing Atlas Shrugged is. Tomorrow is my day off, so I think I will spend the day wasting time and reading like a fiend. I'm afraid to read the Cliff's Notes for fear that the chapter commentary of the sections I've already read will give away the ending. But for real, guys, you HAVE to read this book. Do it now, while you have the time to spare. I think it would be fantastic if the Inner Circle could all finish this book by the end of the summer and have deep, intelligent discussions about it. If you love capitalism, trains, beautiful women (and men, but I'm assuming only heterosexual males are reading my post), scientific achievements, sex, America, and freedom, and if you hate bleeding-heart liberals, feminists, the welfare state, big government, and lies, you MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!! If you don't, then you're REALLY a pinko!

Lileks is my Hero

I want to be able to write like this guy someday:

"So they found a sarin shell? Eh. Halliburton put it there, it was old, and besides everyone knew Saddam had WMD, and we gave him the sarin anyway, and it would be news if we found 400 shells, but if they were old undeclared shells they wouldn’t count because they weren’t a threat to us anyway – do you know that most of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi? Why aren’t we invading them? Not that we should, that would TOTALLY be about oil, anyway , did you read Doonesbury today? He had this giant hand talking in a press conference. This big giant floating hand. I think it was a reprint. I like when he has that bald dude who’s in charge of some Iraqi city. Bald dude is like, wasted."

If you're not reading his Bleats everyday, you're a pinko.

As if we needed another example that Kerry is anti capitalist

Kerry has once again demonstrated his complete ignorance of economics by suggesting yesterday in Oregon that we release some of the fuel reserve that the government is holding on to in order to help out those who need gas. Although both one month and one week ago Kerry said he would not touch this strategic reserve he has now in a move not unfamiliar to anyone reversed his position. We are in a war with the Middle East and although not all of our fuel comes from there we must acknowledge the possibility that they could cut off our supplies and we would be forced to use the strategic reserve unless the liberals want to give in and let us drill in ANWAR. Since that idea is akin to drowning puppies with liberals I am sure we will be using our reserve. The total reserve is to hold around 700 million barrels by the end of this year and although 60 million barrels sounds like a small amount but we cannot risk our reserves that will be needed for the war against terrorism. Like it has done time and time again the market will correct itself. I remember paying 2.89 during the summer last year by my house and right now I am only up into the 2.40’s. The market may be heading that way but after the summer months when the oil companies have made their money off summer travel prices will fall again. If it is that much of a problem I am sure the liberals will get into their fuel efficient Toyotas and drive off.

I am only going to say this once

The prisoner abuse scandal is unfortunate because it detracts from the main focus for the war in Iraq. Everything the Arabs find morally abhorrent is located in those pictures (homosexuality, male nudity, women laughing at men) and the world is of course in an uproar. I would put forth that we need to let the Saudi’s or the Jordanians interrogate those that we capture. After they have been tortured to death the world can wake up and realize that we are not as bad as these pictures make us appear. The main focus on the war in Iraq was removing a brutal regime that had the possibility of using WMD’s to harm and kill their countrymen and surrounding areas. The possibility that these weapons could be used by terrorists or against our ally Israel is not incomprehensible and had to be guarded against.

We now are seeing frivolous lawsuits (Lawsuit) which are going to drain valuable resources away from the war effort. This Iraqi born Swedish citizen is suing the United States over his alleged abuse in the prison. He has not yet revealed his name and is not speaking with the news media because he finds the experience too painful. This is ridiculous and seems to be a transparent grab for money. If this man wins this case it will set a horrendous precedent that will spawn hundreds of cases by dirty leftist lawyers who grew up hating our armed forces. I can only pray that the Military does not settle and that we don’t end up with anti war protestors on a jury.

The simple fact in the end is that we need the intelligence that these people give up and taking away some of the effective tactics that we have puts our nation at risk. 72 hour sleep deprivation is a perfectly acceptable tactic because at about hour 50 they began to lose lucidity and start rambling off information that can be used. During this time period trained interrogators and psychologists are monitoring the person to verify his information. Those that would harbor the enemy or dare to attack innocent civilians do not deserve the respect of the Geneva accords. Those are reserved for legitimate soldiers fighting a legitimate war. The terrorists will not be following the Geneva accords when our soldiers are captured. Look at Nicholas Berg. This is the kind of enemy we are facing. This is the kind of enemy that we must eradicate if we are to defend our nation and stop the terrorists. I am sick of hearing the leftists say we need to try and understand those that attack us. They hate our way of life and that is all we need to know. The United States was the largest aid donor to Afghanistan at the time of the September 11th attack. We are compassionate to countries that would kill thousands of our citizens. It is simply time for the gloves to come off and something to be done.

That is all I am going to say about this scandal and hopefully the media will get the hint and focus on the more important issues like the upcoming transfer of power.

John Kerry and Howard Dean: The foolish duo

John Kerry and Howard Dean attended a rally in Oregon meant to take votes away from Ralph Nader and give them to John Kerry. The hope of George Bush for the upcoming election is that the far left will vote for Ralph Nader and not John Kerry. It is comforting to know that the liberals are so disorganized they would hurt their own party by splitting it between Nader and Kerry. Many of Dean’s supporters may be wavering but his insistence on voting for Kerry shows a dimension of leadership that was lacking under Al Gore. The flamboyant “yeaghhh” Dean was one of the few people who took what small sanity the democrats were gaining and threw it back to the far left spectrum. The only hope for the nation is with George W. Bush as commander and chief. We saw what happens when a President hates the military like Bill Clinton did. The counter culture generation that wants to run for office must be stopped or the destruction of the nation will be complete. As the VP nomination for Kerry remains in the air crazies like Howard Dean will be the ones gathering votes. All we can say in the end is for the love of God keep Hillary Clinton far away from any administration. We don’t need any more political murders!

Russia Aids Enemies of US Again

Russia will complete the nuclear reactor in Iran in late 2006 showing a clear lack of judgment. The Mullahs would of course love to have a fully functioning reactor for their budding weapons program which the world knows to exist. Russia is going to put the whole world at risk and incur an IOU from the Iranians which will come back in the form of a nuclear attack when the mullahs go to the aid of the Chechens.

The thought of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) monitoring the program sends shivers down my spine. Their inspections are based on the cooperation of the Iranian regime which to date has been more than unhelpful. Although this is the safe guard being put in by the world it will not be enough. Russia’s claim that if they do not finish the reactor someone else will only means they are afraid France will go in and take the chance to make money away from Russia. The claim that this is for commercial reasons and not defense reasons is also laughable. Russia wants it influence back in the Middle East and it is willing to aid the sponsors of terrorism to do so. We can only pray that years from now we will not be disarming Iran while under the threat of nuclear attack.

Pay no attention to the timestamp

Cox and Forkum have their own take on Olympic matters.

Meanwhile, I played Railroad Tycoon 3 until 5:30... It's easy to loose track of time when you're connecting Indianapolis to Cincinnati and watching your little trains run from St. Louis to Madison.

Monday, May 17, 2004


I'm beating everyone in "words written." Where's my medal? I can toss it over the White House fence and then claim that I didn't do it 30 years later.


The Left Wing

I feel your pain. I, too, used to be hooked on The Left Wing, every Wednesday night, but then I got better. And you can, too! When you strip away the fast-paced dialogue and the interesting storylines, all that's left is a bunch of Democratic Party propaganda. Perhaps if they could have found someone more convincing than Barbara Streisand's husband to play the GOP presidential nominee, or John Goodman to play the Republican Speaker of the House, I might have been convinced that they were trying to be fair. They're only for equal opportunity when they don't have the upper hand, of course.

As for the enlightened Lehigh University faculty bravely standing up to the Big Bad Bush administration, why do you think they waited until May, after finals, to make such an earth-shattering annoucement about their opposition to the PATRIOT Act? Well, obviously, it is because they ph33r the uber-1337 College Republicans! They had to wait for us to leave for the summer so they could commiserate with their lefty ideals in uninterrupted peace and quiet. Oh yes, we've got them running for cover!

Doing well...

Wow, our little blog is doing fairly well in its infancy, I will post a lot more later in the week. I "hate" hate crime legislation, it is right out of 1984 just as David suggested, yet the liberals love it and hate the PATRIOT ACT! If John Ashcroft supported hate crime legislation I bet that would make the libs oppose it! In fact, I was just watching an episode of the West Wing the other day on Bravo and C.J. came right out and said we should punish people for the way they think. Aaron Sorkin at work again! I wish he would stop making such entertaining work about liberal presidents that I can't stop watching even though I don't agree with any of the politics.

Cry Me A River

This little piece on a 13 year old girl who was sent home from her Catholic school's May crowning and graduation pictures is such a wonderful example of fair and balanced local journalism.

I went through the slideshow of pictures and I am positive that my mother would have never let me out of the house to May crowning wearing somthing like that at age 13, nor would I let my daughter dress that way for a religious function. I do agree that it is very hard for girls to find clothes that weren't designed to make them look like whores, but it is possible.

This was a private Catholic school with a published dress code. The school was well within its right to discipline anyone who violated it. Looking at the pictures and given my expertise when it comes to crappily made girls/juniors clothing, the dress she wore for Confirmation was definitely not simliar to the one she wore for May crowning. It was not as low-cut and it was not tailored to accentuate her chest, so I can see why she got away with the first dress but not the second. Let this be a lesson to parents and students in private school. When the administration says "Read the handbook and the dress code", they aren't joking.

The Whole World Has Gone Insane

Or at least it seems like it today. We have gay "marriages" in Massachusetts (I can use sneer quotes, too), American athletes who can't wave the US flag, Michael Moore's latest "documentary" of lies is given the longest standing ovation in the history of Cannes, and New York City is considering letting non-citizens vote in elections.

The liberals aren't even in power and they're still screwing this country up. Next time I hear a liberal complain about George Bush's "anti-progressive" policies, he's going to get an earful.

On the Anniversary of Brown v. Board

Let's keep in mind that the worst violations of "equal protection of the laws" come from hate crimes laws. I was just watching the Fox Report and a supporter of Canada's newest hate crimes bill was talking about how it would deter acts of violence against gays. Aren't liberals always the ones telling us that laws and punishments aimed at deterring don't work? I don't get it.

What hate crimes laws are, though, are straight out of Orwell. We're all equal, except some are more equal than others.

Gas & Oil

Another one of those stupid chain emails. I really hate those things.

Anyway, I seem to recall that the last time price controls were attempted, the result was disaster, but it doesn't surprise me that liberals are calling for them. They can berate the president for not controlling things becasue they don't like the free market, and then they can blame Bush for the inevitable failure of such measures.

As for OPEC, well, they say they're trying to keep things under control, but they're not doing a very good job. Most of the members are enjoying cashing in on high oil prices, as are non-OPEC oil-exporters like Russia and Mexico. The country to look to is Saudi Arabia, which is the world's marginal supplier. The Saudis don't want prices this high either, as they are painfully aware of what happened the last time prices were high and stayed high, an oversuplly and price collapse in the mid-80s, which was devastating to OPEC economies. Still, with the mess that Saudi finances are in, Riyadh may also want to try to secure some money. They certianly haven't made any major moves to increase production, as far as I know. It will be interesting to see what OPEC winds up doing.


I love Google. It can't go away. Google will rule us always!

No Gas Day

The following e-mail was sent to me by my liberal idiot friend from high school.










We live in a country where supply and demand exist and if people are willing to buy gas at these prices than that is what the price should be at. Do I like paying 2.29 for gas of course not but I am willing to buy the quantities I have been at that price so there is no reason to try and do something so shortsighted and doomed to fail. Liberals of course are always willing to try pointless actions such as these in order to punish the "capitalists" that try to make money in the United States. An oil shock is likely to do more harm then good especially with recent people hedging prices for oil speculation. The shock would be devastating and would end up causing the bottom to fall out of the market sending the economy spiraling towards recession and while that would make the bush haters happy it would doom this country.

Hans Blix

Well we have yet another classic example of UN appeasemnet in the face of evidence to the contrary. Hans Blix today said that the Sarin Gas found will not be a source of WMD's. Well let's see shortly after the invasion of Iraq 200 shells containg a variety of chemical agents were discovered in the Iraqi desert. Now we have another showing up in a roadside bomb. I have been reading through Han's Blix book Disarming Iraq and I find him to be an apologist of Iraq who thinks the inspectors needed more time. The inspectors were stonewalled and delayed and Mr. Blix does not take enough time to explore the one key sentence that he says of Saddam wanting to get rid of the inspectors. I hope one day that Mr. Blix will stop apologizing for the evil in Iraq and that with more US troops and NO quick pull out stability can be brought to the region and a major stockpile of WMD's can be safetly removed.

Stock Market

While we have seen today yet another draw back of Globalization. With the crash of India's stock market due to the mismanagement of a "communist regime" that cannot manage its internal affairs and decides that they need to shut down their economy. With the threat of outsourcing there has been such a focus on job loss the danger of their overheated economy collapsing inward did not occur to anyone as a threat. Well I will admit that I did not see it coming either the push of American jobs there has put in too much money leading to an overvaluation of their economy which like the tech boom 1 of our economy in the 1990's collapsed. I say 1 because without eh advent of Google we will see the same things in upcoming years as soon as everyone realizes Google is not solvent and we see a 200 point drop because the rest of the tech companies brought in the google boom fall apart. Well only time will tell but the effects of this latest crash are hard felt on my Wall Street accounts and I feel that the focus on outsourcing needs to be one of watching what economies we are putting money into.


Roger Ebert got it right with his review of Troy, it was a disappointment. My friend who has read the books pointed out for me all the ways Wolfgang Peterson got the facts wrong, but even if you have only read the Odyssey you will most certainly take issue with this movie. I would recommend waiting to see it on DVD, the individual battles are decent enough but overall its just not worth your 8 bucks.


Also be sure to check out LGF's posts about the Sarin attack and how well gays are treated by the pro-Palestinian movement. Then, head on over to the Corner and check out what the President of George Washington University had to say at graduation.

Crazy News Day

Today we have a bomb killing the head of the Iraqi Governing Council, another bomb in Iraq that was apparently an artillery shell full of Sarin gas, and the same-sex "marriages" beginning in Massachusetts. And Rush is vacationing today. Not acceptable.

Junk Science in Movies

Make sure you read Patrick Michael's op-ed in yesterday's Washington Post, exposing the nonsense that went into "The Day After Tomorrow" as well as the Democrats, including Algore, who are hoping to get a boost from it.

Via Instapundit

Liberal Self-Loathing Infects the USOC

According to The Washington Times, members of the US Olympic team were told not to wave the US flag around at medal ceremonies. Somehow, the acting president of the USOC, Bill Martin, equates this with "jingoism." Excuse me? Celebrating your accomplishments on behalf of your country and showing pride in your country is now jingoism?

Well, not exactly. See, in what amounts to an admission of an insane double standard, this applies only to American (and possibly British) athletes. The USOC consultant quoted in the article, Mike Moran, says, "If a Kenyan or a Russian grabs their national flag and runs round the track or holds it high over their heads, it might not be viewed as confrontational. Where we are in the world right now, an American athlete doing that might be viewed in another manner."

This is utter nonsense. Americans are not allowed to be proud of their country, but everybody else is. If you related this story to anyone on the street 50, 30, or even 20 years ago, that person would have laughed at you because the idea is so ridiculous. Moran says "...the world watches Americans a lot now in terms of how they behave and our culture." And if this was any other "culture," we'd be berated for not allowing its members to celebrate it. But Americans must muzzle themselves. We mustn't be nationalistic. We must be quiet and be sorry that the world doesn't like us. We can't risk offending them.

When I first read this story, I was almost at a loss for what to say because the idea is so unabashedly idiotic. But this is really how some people think these days and it's just astonishing. Look, if the world already hates us, who the hell cares if we offend them any more? I say rub it in their smug, duplicitous faces. What we need is a 1980 US Olympic hockey team moment. All I can hope for are some spectacular victories and some patriotic celebrations by American athletes. The article says that in 2000, the 400-meter relay team was "widely condemned" for daring to carry their country's flag around after winning the gold. Were the Australians criticized for doing this when they dominated the swimming events? No, of course not. This only applies to the United States, and that was before the Iraq war. Now, because we dared to be so impulsive as to circumvent the UN, well, if we don't make every effort to look humbled and apologetic, we might ruffle some feathers.

So Americans waving the American flag is jingoism, but Canadians waving the Canadian flag is not. Swedes waving the Swedish flag is not. Kenyans waving the Kenyan flag is not. Brits waving the British flag is... well, they're working on that. Folks, you're watching John Kerry diplomacy in action. If the world is this stupid, who wants to be a part of it anyway?

Two Reasons to Vote for Kerry

Wow, Kerry's daughter was really slutting it up for the Cannes Film Festival, Janet Jackson style! See how hard she had to work to get more votes from Hollywood's liberal darlings? Campaigning obviously has nothing to do with ideas and everything to do with nudity.

Sunday, May 16, 2004

The state of the country

Well as I leave a post before I go to Europe I wanted to take a moment to look at the state of the country. I was very excited today as I paid 2.29 for gas and thought it was a deal. Although people say the gas prices will magically fall down to 2.15 a gallon out here after Memorial Day I can only hope it comes soon. We have John Kerry demonstrating his ignorance by saying that the people of the Middle East do not want an Al-Qaeda platform in the middle east. I believe that countries like Jordan and Iran fear a democracy on their borders more than Al-Qaeda. We have President Bush defending our borders and acting like a democrat on social issues. Virtual amnesty to illegal immigrants and no control over the budget. More to come as I travel through Europe and see the headlines back home.

John McCain

I think the press is really playing out this John McCain for VP idea to pretend John Kerry is a bi-partisan centrist at heart. McCain has, every time, denied that he would accept the position, yet it still comes up. On another note, I am really fed up with the gas prices. I don't know what needs to be done, but maybe Tom Friedman was right and we need a hygrogen fuel cell Manhattan Project. I don't have a problem with that, it sure beats spending billions on Medicare, plus our Maoist friends from the PSA would have to publicly commend Bush, which I'm sure would break their hearts.

We Are the Future

One early summer's eve, a handful of hopelessly conservative college students embarked on a blogging journey. Faced with several months of free time and political frustration ahead of us, we racked our brains for a way to convert our pent-up energy into a positive outlet for expression. This is our connection to the outside world, our means of sharing our right-wing beliefs with anyone who will listen. Winston Churchill once said, "Any man who is under 30, and is not a liberal has no heart; and any man who is over 30 and is not a conservative has no brains." We don't think of ourselves as heartless human beings. We'd like to think we just got our brains earlier in life.

A Terrible Idea

As I was adding a link to Drudge, I thought I'd check the headlines, and his latest flash is bad news:

President Bush and Tony Blair are drawing up plans to speed the pullout of coalition forces from Iraq by giving it full control of its own security as soon as possible, the UK TIMES is splashing in Monday runs...

I'm really hoping that this is not indicative of the administration's actual plans. Leaving early, would, of course, be a terrible idea. It's clear the security situation will not be under control by July 1st, but that's not the only reason for troops to stay.

Iraq needs to become the new Saudi Arabia, as in a relatively friendly nation to provide us with forward bases in a critical region of the world. We must continue to have troops in Iraq, the same way we still have troops in Japan, in order to protect our interests in Iraq and pressure the other regimes in the region, especially Syria and Iran. Removing all the troops, if that is in fact what this paper is reporting, would be a terrible idea.

A Brief Introduction

I'm just going to apologize in advance for the quality of this post because no matter how many times I rewrite it, it looks awful.

My hope is to loosely pattern this blog after one of my favorites, The Corner on National Review Online. That is, a bunch of conservatives who blog about politics, culture, or whatever happens to be on their minds at the moment.

More to come later as I experiment with the template here.