Saturday, May 29, 2004

The Day After NEVER!

Once again, my politics has managed to get in the way of other people's fun. This morning, my brother mentioned that he was going out to the movies with my aunt and cousin this afternoon. When I asked him what they would be seeing, he refused to tell me, saying it was "none of my business". I don't give up easily, so I asked my mom. She said she wasn't sure but she thought they were going to see "that global warming movie".



That was pretty much my reaction. To make a long story short, I managed to save one soul from liberal indoctrination. I can't say the same for my cousin, but at least my brother was spared the lunacy of that film. Sheesh. Fortunately, he's got a good head on his shoulders for a fourteen year old. I'll make a conservative out of him, you just wait and see!

Where Have I Been?

:-O So I voluntarily abstain from the internet for three days and come back to find I've missed out on a lot.

1.) Boo to the Kerry ads at the top of our blog.

2.) I am unimpressed with the pictures of Keira Knightly but somehow I don't think they were meant for my enjoyment.

3.) WAEB breaks the tie. Bethlehem wins hands down. Nice try.

4.) The ECM link and accompanying photo were DEFINITELY meant for my enjoyment. But woooooow, is it just me or does he look older in that picture? (older = his actual age, since I was floored when I learned just how far out of my league ECM really is) Even still, he definitely looks hot in that suit. I bet it's Italian.

Hmm and after all that, I don't think I managed to say one thing of political significance. Go me!

Friday, May 28, 2004


Head on over to Lileks' place to see another great example of why I like him so much. Today's theme is exposing the hypocrisy of the UN and Europe. He does so in a clever and entertaining way, as always. I figured I can do it too, in my snarky way. Three words: "oil for food." Hey, that was easy.

Okay, one word: "UNSCAM."

Thanks, I'm here all week.

Also note that I now reside in Mountain Time, aka "The Forgotten Time Zone"[TM], and that time stamps on my posts should be mentally revised two hours earlier to find out how late I was up in reality.

ECM and the "Michael Moore Loophole"

Evan Coyne Maloney, a hero of ours and Mary's, shall we say, objet de l'amour, has a great piece about how Moore's latest film will conveniently allow the left to skirt their beloved campaign finance laws. He suggests that we need conservative filmmakers to counter Moore. I have to wonder if he says that tongue-in-cheek, given his line of work (and current project), or if he's making a call to arms. Most likely "a little from Column A, a little from Column B."

Via Cox and Forkum.

Colorado Springs vs. Bethlehem

Driving around town today, I saw some things that reminded me why I like this city, but then when I got back home I remembered a lot of things that suck. So, I thought I'd post a little comparison.


Bethlehem: Signage is a nice indication of local political feelings, so I'm going on that here. Bethlehem has a large number of stop signs with "Hoffa" stickers on them, so not much has to be said about that. The large cluster of Rick Orlaski signs on Mountaintop campus doesn't help the cause.

Colorado Springs: City Hall has a large banner hanging off it that says, "Colorado Springs welcomes home its troops!" In addition, American flags are all over downtown and there's a large billboard that reads "Teachers' Unions are Failing Our Students."

Springs: 1 Bethlehem :0


I have food at home, while I had little at school.

Springs: 2 Bethlehem: 0


I had a T3 connection at Lehigh, and here I'm watching paint dry faster than my dial-up connection that never connects faster than 26.4 kbps.

Springs: 2 Bethlehem: 1


My apartment at Lehigh had really bad cable running under it, so our signal was always bad. However, we had a ReplayTV (different kind of Tivo) and a pretty good channel line up.

Here, we have satellite, but one of the worst lineups I've ever seen. Most importantly, there's no Fox News. That's like living in the Dark Ages of Clinton's first term again. Not acceptable.

Springs: 2 Bethlehem: 2


I grew rather fond of 790 WAEB in Bethlehem. I like their lineup, with shows I'd listen to from 10 AM to well into the evening.

Here, I have more radio stations to choose from, but the lineups aren't as good. The Denver station, 850 KOA, has my man Mike Rosen, but has Rush on a delay and has no one good after him anymore. My local station, 740 KVOR, has good stuff with Rush and Hannity live and O'Reilly in the evenings, but even that's not enough to make up for the loss of Fox News.

I think it's a draw at the moment, but there's all sorts of stuff the East Coast has going for it, like greenery, water, and access to Japanese marketplaces. Although, I do get to have Bill Owens as my governor here.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

GOP response to algore

After his nonsense yesterday, the GOP released a good statement. Pretty much sums it up.

Movie Trailers

In the interest of diversifying the blog...

Oliver Stone's Alexander.

The Bourne Supremacy with Matt Damon, one that I am looking forward to seeing.

This isn't a trailer but some info on a documentary by a Clinton loyalist about the impeachment. Certainly looks to be "open-minded." I think I'm going to have to put my last article from the VRWC on here about liberal "open-mindedness."

The Manchurian Candidate, which looks sweet!

King Arthur. This is the main page so you can check out the pix of Keira Knightly!

Thats good for now...

Oh man

Now I refresh the page, and its a Kerry patriotic flag ad now with the tag line "Republicans don't own the flag." VAST LEFT WING CONSPIRACY!

Kerry ad on our blog!

Why is there a "Help John Kerry Win" ad on our blog!!!

Some Links

Here is the link to the un-American Democratic party article that Hannity was talking about in the opening segment.

Here is a story about a radio talk show host who thinks Bush should get the death penalty. He denies he said it, of course, rather it was a "sensible" look at the facts surrounding the war. A sensible and open-minded liberal strikes again!

To all you fiscal conservatives, perhaps some good news. A memo reportedly suggests that Bush will drastically cut spending if re-elected for FY2006.

Some bad news... Kerry has overtaken Bush in PA according to a new poll, 44 to 41.

And finally here is the audio from Hannity's site with algore from yesterday talking about everyone who needs to RRRRRRRREEEEEEEESSSSIIIIGGGGHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNN!


Pikes Peak or Bust

Well, I made it safely back to Colorado, after spending hundreds of dollars on shipping, but I'm completely out of the news loop. It's driving me crazy, so I need to get back and get informed. The problem is, my number one resource for doing so is unavailable to me. That's right, the TV package my family gets does not include Fox News, although it has several shop at home channels, 2 different Nickelodeons, and various other useless channels. It doesn't even have MSNBC... I'm considering myself lucky I'll be able to watch the hockey game on ESPN tonight.

So, as I suffer from Fox News withdrawl, I'll have to turn to my supplementary materials, my local paper, the internet, and talk radio for my news. I'm listening to Rush as I write this, but it'll take some time to get caught up online as this is only the first time I've been able to get on the internet since coming home.

I really don't have time to be blogging right now, though, as I need to be preparing for an internship interview. More later.

Oh, it was THAT Chris Hedges? I wish I'd realized at the time...

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Outrage over Doctorow

Mary, I apologize for taking one of your posts from last week for an idea, but I got rather angry after reading this article off Yahoo a few minutes ago. This clown, E.L. Doctorow, had absolutely no ethical right to ruin someone's graduation ceremony. This line in particular caught my attention - "I thought we were all supposed to speak out," he told The Washington Post in Tuesday's editions. "Isn't that what this country is about?" This is the typical liberal self-defense line, they go run and cry and hide behind the first amendment every time they go off and slander someone they don't like. I feel the same way about John Kerry, Bill, and Hillary, but I certainly would not use a pulpit such as a graduation ceremony to go off on their politics. There are appropriate times to "speak out," and appropriate methods to use to do so. Doctorow should have spoke about his life experiences, what he has learned, his mistakes and successes, and how these graduates can use their educations to succeed in their lives.

Imagine if a conservative speaker went to Wellesley (I know its a stretch), and gave 20 minutes on the evils of Planned Parenthood or NOW. There would probably be a few militant feminists in a holding cell in Boston's federal prison on murder charges. But, I thought this was America, aren't we supposed to speak out?!?! There is a clear double standard that exists across America's universities and extending into all aspects of campus life: freshman orientation, graduation, residence hall policy, courses, professors, speakers, and many more. We all know that at Lehigh, the "conservative message" has been made available through the efforts of about 10 students. If we weren't around, Gary Aldrich and Alan Kors would never have been invited to Bethlehem, but Chris Hedges sure would have. By the way, Hedges gave a "popular" commencement speech himself a while back. I'm sure we would have had the onslaught of "Understanding Islam" lectures as well, and, of course, the "New Resistance" would have remained strong. But the conservative movement, arguably the largest political movement in the United States, would surely have been absent from the campus discussion this past year, as it will be next year if the same 10 people don't do something about it, despite the fact that this is an election year!

Surprisingly enough, Jon Stewart gave a mostly apolitical address at his alma mater, William and Mary. Stewart had the right idea as to what this day called for, and we all know he doesn't care for Bush.

A fair warning, liberals are getting me so angry these days that I might have a manuscript ready by August, and I can sign copies of the book as a fundraiser for CRs! I wonder how many professors will read it...

Upcoming attack

Well Brian, you may have chosen a good time to leave the country since the country must now anticipate another attack. I have to say I am rather surprised that they are predicting a large scale attack, I would have believed it more likely that we would see a simple suicide bombing in Union Station or something along those lines before another massive, coordinated attack.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

I Know What Nice Is!

My favorite Vonnegut commencement quote: “If you really want to hurt your parents, but don’t have the nerve to be a homosexual, the least you can do is go into the arts.”

Yeah. Wow. There are some other real winners from the speech in the article. I only wish I could have partaken of this in person.

I have nothing against inspiring teachers, but as for the little exercise about sharing the names of these teachers with neighbors at commencement and saying "If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is", I think I've thought of something even nicer than that. It's the warm, fuzzy feeling David must have had when Kurt finally sat down and shut up. Congratulations, David!

Working on "Unlimited Access"

Expect a full report tomorrow when I finish my newly arrived, autograph copy of Aldrich's book, but let me tell you there have been some crazy stories in this book. If your ever looking for some ammo as to why you should be afraid of Hillary, this is a decent source.

The Left Wing strikes again

Although the writers took an apparent swipe at the Clintons this morning on Bravo they didn't fail to ultimately disappoint me when they implied that if you support school vouchers you are a fascist. I don't know why I keep doing this to myself, but I do. This episode also included a heartening exchange on the value of reparations for the descendants of slaves.

Can't someone write a presidential drama with a conservative in power!

Monday, May 24, 2004

Endangered Species

I was having a good chuckle as I read through this article on Vermont being named one of the 11 most endangered historic places in America (because it's being invaded by Walmart), until I got to the very bottom and discovered that a place very near and dear to my heart is also on the list.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, SAVE OUR STEEL! I wonder if we're higher on the endangered species list than the Preeble mouse.

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Commencement Indoctrination

Since Lehigh's commencement is only about twelve hours away, I think this is an appropriate story. David, if Kurt gets fresh tomorrow, don't hesitate to get vocally pissed. (I won't be able to make it, so break a leg and don't trip going up for your diploma!)

I'm a little stunned to hear that this happened at Hofstra, a school on Long Island, but I'm definitely not shocked to hear that the students and professors were pretty cool with what this wacko had to say. My favorite line was a quote from the president of the university, saying, "We value open discussion and debate. For the sake of your graduates, please let him finish." A commencement speaker isn't engaging students in a debate. A commencement speaker gets to stand up, fly off the handle for 20 minutes about how awful Bush is, and then sit down. He doesn't entertain questions and he doesn't take comments at the end. He gets the opportunity to preach, uncontested, to a large group of people who had nothing to do with his selection. Graduation is one of those times when most people will suck it up and go, even if they strongly disagree with the keynote speaker, because they have just spent at four years and a lot of money and hard work to get their diplomas. Graduations are not the places for politically charged speeches. But unfortunately, liberals are so entrenched in the universities that I fear it will only get worse.


This past week, I bought a new bathing suit. When I got home and was taking the tags off, I noticed one that made me laugh my ass off. Maybe you won't find it as amusing and if you aren't familiar with tags on women's clothing, I can tell you that I've never seen one like it.


(A word about change)

By now you have probably noticed how fine the fit, construction and styling of this Roxy swim item is. As you wear this garment, you will notice subtle changes in the way you feel about yourself. You will notice changes in the way others see and consider you. As time passes, as you spend days in the sun and the water, and you wear, launder, and rewear your Roxy suit, you may notice slight changes in the colour and finish of the garment as well. Regard these changes as a good thing. Have them serve as an example of how you, too, continue to change and become the singular, unique and perfect person you in fact are. Remember to always rinse suit after wearing.


Woooooooow. Talk about a self-esteem booster. What an eloquent way to say "Oh, by the way, even though you paid an arm and a leg for this bathing suit, it's going to eventually wear out and fall apart and look like crap." But don't worry! That's a GOOD thing! And by the way, you don't REALLY look fat!

Kerry's Balance

But see, Kerry wouldn't know anything about spills because he "never falls." Unless, of course, some "SOB" like his Secret Service Agent trips him.

Bottom line: another cheap shot at Bush's intelligence from the Democrats. If a Republican said this, especially the presidential candidate, he'd be crucified. John Kerry will get a pass. *Yawn* Nothing new here.

Probably no more posts from me until I'm done graduating. Well, maybe an exception if Kurt Vonnegut really pisses me off.

For The Record

From The Drudge Report: "President fell off bike today... Kerry told reporters in front of cameras, 'Did the training wheels fall off?'... Reporters are debating whether to treat it is as on or off the record... Developing... "

What's there to debate? If he said that to reporters in front of the cameras, did he honestly think he wasn't on the record? Bush was on the record when he called Adam Clymer from the New York Times a "major league asshole".

John Kerry knows a thing or two about falling off bicycles. I wonder if he had his training wheels on at the time.