Saturday, July 31, 2004

Google's Deal

Well here is a new update on Google. Friday I had a brokerage firm (for security reasons and financial data laws I can’t discuss the offer to its entirety) offer to sell me a sizable amount of Google shares at a midrange price on the release. For the record this will be the most expensive IPO starting anywhere between 108-135 a share for this stock. This is 40 times the cash that Google will have on hand which is expected to be around 1 billion in excess this fiscal year. Google will have to fight off Microsoft’s new web browser which from what I am hearing is supposed to be fairly nice and another good Microsoft product (for those who agree that Microsoft has fallen off when they first build something they do a great job). I turned down the offer though because I am still afraid of the way that this is going to go. I do not believe that they have the staying power and I hope that other people do not get caught up in the bubble.

Book Review: Bill Clinton: An American Journey (Great Expectations) by Nigel Hamilton

Bill Clinton: An American Journey (Great Expectations) by Nigel Hamilton was an interesting look at Bill Clinton’s early years and run up through the 1992 election. This book stops right after his victory and only chronicles from his childhood to that point. I never realized how screwed up a childhood Bill Clinton had. With essentially a mother who was married four times, a drug addict/dealing brother and a possessive grandmother he never stood a chance to be normal. He was an overly smart person that liked to read a lot but unfortunately seemed to live on impulse and not always analyze enough of what he read. He was definitely a womanizer at one point carrying on five extramarital relationships (not including one night stands) while doting on Chelsea. He really did love his daughter which I have to respect him for and he worked hard to try to keep her from knowing about the scandals. Of course if he had not been so weak morally he would not have had to worry about it.

He had an interesting time as governor and acted mostly as a progressive and almost republican at time. He really was a chameleon that tried to fit the skin of whatever he was looking for in voters (minus the bimbo eruptions and McDonald’s splurges). He does seem to care about his wife at times but then does become very unfaithful to her at others. Mostly Clinton seems to suffer from a lack of strong moral grounding which is the biggest factor against him. The more that I study this man the more I find him very fascinating and it is amazing that this man could overcome his insecurities and be president. Hopefully we will not have another like him and America could use a return to good old fashion conservative values that would help make the country remember some of its morals.

New Liberal Lunacy

I purpose a new liberal lunacy of the moment. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is once again showing just how nuts they are. They are opposing terror watch lists because they are a violation of people’s civil rights. God forbid we should keep a record of who is a terrorist and who they might be looking for. If the FBI suspects you of being a terrorist their might be a concerning there however the ACLU is nuts enough to believe that these people should not be watched. Honestly I am not going to say anymore because if you don’t think this is ridiculous you are nuts and should be on the watch list.

Developing News Story

I don’t have much new information on this and maybe someone else knows more but apparently a Palestinian group took three hostages including an American. They have since been released and I have heard nothing else on it. If I find out more I will let everyone know.

Gray Davis and Bill Clinton

There was an interesting similarity between Bill Clinton’s governor loss in 1980 and Gray Davis recall this past year. Both suffered from raising the car tax. This is not surprising that the people do not want to pay an exuberant amount to own an automobile. In Arkansas it went from 35 to 100 dollars in two years for registration of your vehicle. To register my mom’s Montero it was 635 dollars a year and this car was built in 1997. These exuberant fees are not the only reason both of these people had so much difficulty but it is an important factor in both. Both also suffered from illegal immigrant problems. California now has white as a minority because illegal immigrants are so prevalent that Latino is the dominant race in CA. President Clinton suffered from Jimmy Carter’s decision to send Cuban Refugees to Arkansas (most of these were criminals that Fidel Castro had thrown out of Cuba) which cost Bill Clinton more votes as people did not feel as safe in their homes. Both of these men had lost their positions and although Bill Clinton was able to climb back to the top it appears Gray Davis (who has said on several occasions that he had wanted to run for president) appears to be laying low and out of politics.

Kerry Links

These are some of the better commentaries on Kerry and the Democrats I've come across making my rounds tonight.

Cox and Forkum lambast Kerry's double-talk about national security.

David Frum wonders what happened to everything Kerry did between 1969 and 9/11.

Jonah Goldberg has thoughts wrapping up the whole week. This paragraph is one of the highlights:

For most, a yes/no vote is like a light switch — only two possible positions. But for Kerry, everything has a dimmer knob. He rejects the notion that the bulb must be on or off. He thinks he can blend black and white into shades of gray — illuminating here, obscuring there.

Jonah also has a terrific elaboration in the Corner on Kerry's "misusing the Constitution for political purposes" meme: "How is the notion of a Constitution which means whatever the latest and most effective petitioners want it to mean not a political misuse of that 'precious document'?" This is something I picked up on as well, but as usual, Jonah does it better than I ever could. Okay, it also saves me the rouble of having to write anything...

Of course, Lileks has his usual brilliantly written insights:
"I defended this country as a young man, and I will defend it as President."

This really intrigues me. I agree that Vietnam was a defense of the United States, inasmuch as we were trying to blunt the advance of Communism. So: only Nixon can go to China... Only Kerry can confirm that Vietnam was a just war. This completely upends conventional wisdom about the Vietnamese war, and requires a certain amount of historical amnesia. Why does this get glossed over? The illegitimacy of the Vietnam war (non-UN approved, after all) is a key doctrine of the Church of the Boomers; to say that service in Vietnam was done in defense of the United States is like announcing that Judas Ischariot was the most faithful of the disciples.
Read the rest.

And, finally, Steven Den Beste boils down the European factor:
So for the Democrats, when you vote, "Do it... for the Europeans."

For the Republicans, when you vote, "Do it... to the Europeans."

I know which of those appeals more to me. Easy choice...
Bonus Non-Kerry-Related link:
Apparently Subway is attempting to capitalize on anti-American sentiment in Germany. Does this mean I have to eat at Quiznos now? There aren't any delis out here either... (Also via the Corner).

Friday, July 30, 2004

Terror in the skies update

Here is part III of the story with some interesting stuff. Also linked in that story is some email that the author has received.

Useless U.N.????

(AP) - "The U.N. Security Council adopted a U.S.-drafted resolution Friday threatening diplomatic and economic 'action' against Sudan if it does not disarm Arab militias blamed for killing thousands in Darfur -- but it backed away from directly threatening sanctions. The resolution was adopted with 13 votes. China and Pakistan, which opposed the sanctions threat, abstained, despite U.S. efforts to overcome objections by modifying the wording to delete the word 'sanctions.'"

Sanction them! Honestly, how can we not question whether or not the United Nations is useless? How many people have died so far? Lots. And what words is the U.N. using in this resolution: "urging," "taking note," "expressing," and so on. If this is meant to "threaten" diplomatic and economic "action," I would love to see what the actual action will be. Something tells me that a bunch of Girl Scouts will bring them cookies at a marked up price, and that's all! Useless. I don't care that this is a U.S.-drafted resolution, it's useless. I think we can all agree that there is a problem in the Sudan that should be dealt with. I'm glad I don't have to rely on Kofi Annan's swift justice to protect me, because I would most certainly be dead. Of course, one wonders if this is what we will have to deal with on an increased level if John Kerry is to win election. Let's seriously examine the U.N. for a while and see what exactly they accomplish to make the world a better place. They were useless in Iraq, and they are useless once again in the Sudan. Will they be useless in Iran and in North Korea? Will they be able to help when we need a strong international organization the most? I would hope not, but I would predict otherwise.


Here's an article on a Lehigh student who is writing his doctoral dissertation in English on hobo's post-9/11.   What makes this hobo world different post-9/11 you ask?  The Patriot Act, of course!  Not the realization that there are cells in this country trying to kill Americans, and that the hobo would be a very easy person to get and not be caught, no, of course its the Patriot Act!  And guess what, Pettegrew is an advisor...

My Own Thoughts on Kerry

There's just way too much in there that I could go off on and write pages and pages about. Instead, I want to focus on one line that really struck me as amazingly stupid. When he was talking about Iraq, Kerry said, "on my first day in office, I will send a message to every man and woman in our armed forces: You will never be asked to fight a war without a plan to win the peace."

What an amazingly idiotic thing to say. The man either has no sense of history or was simply repeating a platitude. Your guess is as good as mine. Think about this for a minute. What commander is planning how to win the peace the moment the war begins? Was Washington worrying about potential problems with the yet-to-be-written Articles of Confederation in 1776? Was Lincoln making plans for Reconstruction during Bull Run? Who could have possibly been thinking about Versailles in August 1914? Was Roosevelt concerning himself with how to restore power to Munich during the siege of Bataan? You win the war first, then you concentrate on the peace. Kerry's statement just shows a party willing to embrace anything that simply sounds critical of the Bush administration regardles of whether it even makes sense, let alone any thoughts of validity.

What's really ironic here is that the administration DID have a rudimentary plan for "winning the peace." It turned out that it was not very good and had to be immediately revised, but after that initial shakeup, the plan that was put in place seems to be working fairly well. The fact that violence continues is NOT proof of a complete failure of the plan, nor evidence of a lack of a plan to begin with. Soveriegnty was successfully transferred on time, an interim government was installed, infrastructure has been repaired, schools and hospitals have been built, the terrorists realize they're losing hearts and minds, and they're also losing money. Are the terrorists defeated yet? Not by a long shot. Tragically, soldiers and Iraqi civilians are still being killed by the terrorists, but no one can honestly make the case that things are not better than they were in May 2003 and certainly not that things were better under Saddam.

It's too late for me to go into the thinking behind the plan here, so I'll just say head on over to Den Beste's site and rummage around a bit for his thoughts. He's blogged on it far longer and far more insightfully than I could.

Corner Thoughts on Kerry's Night

Some of these were too good to not repeat here:

Rich Lowry: "He makes a direct appeal to restoring the 1990s."

Andrew Stuttaford: "Delegates dancing... in the musical interludes. Elaine Benes comes to mind."

Jonah Goldberg: "'I was born in the West Wing:' Isn't a funny joke. Seriously, it's not even cute."

After this line I immediately yelled at the TV, "You were born in the left wing you communist!" Notes: 1. Any liberal criticism of this invective will only be accepted if they have never referred to any Republican as a fascist. 2. In all honesty, I was wondering if Kerry himself was going to say "left wing." The "West Wing" joke hadn't even occurred to me, but like Jonah I hated it the second I heard it. 3. Tim Graham's wife was apparently on the same wavelength.

Ramesh Ponnuru: "'Strength is more than tough words': That's true, but it sometimes seems as though the Democratic strategy on the politics of national security is to act as though it isn't. In that light, the line refutes two-thirds of what the convention speakers have said on the subject.

Jonah Goldberg: "Kerry says that "Honor thy father and mother" is one of the oldest commandments. Am I missing something? I thought Moses got the Ten Commandments as a set."

Ramesh Ponnuru: "'What does it mean for our economy and our national security when we only have three percent of the world's oil reserves, yet we rely on foreign countries for fifty-three percent of what we consume?' Yet? It means that we trade. If we had 70 percent of the world's oil reserves, we wouldn't need to buy as much of it from elsewhere. Kerry's sentence is not a thought."

And these gems are just the tip of the iceberg. Go and bask in the Corner's warm, glowy glow.. It's the perfect antidote for tonight.

Iraqi Thoughts on Giving In to Terror

Mohommed over at Iraq the Model has some choice words for those countries that have cut and run recently.

(Via Instapundit and the Corner)

An upside to CNN

Yeah, I had to watch (and scream at Kerry on) CNN tonight, ugh. Despite that, ther was an extremely amusing moment at the end when the balloons were supposed to come down from the ceiling along with the confetti. Well, they didn, but somehow the director's mike got on the air on CNN and he had some choice words.

Really, though, the funniest part of it was thinking, "This is what happens when Democrats run things."

Thursday, July 29, 2004

No Suprise on the FaceBook

I wish I could say I was surprised by the results of the facebook and of course this only makes the argument more valid that the campus is liberal.  The professors may not want to accept it because we are not as far to the left as they are but the results are overwhelmingly in our favor. I do believe that this will make an excellent argument for the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Newsletter put out by the college republicans and that you should be the one to write it.   Keep the updates coming and lets remember what we are always dealing with. 

Help is on the way!!!!!!!

So help is on the way.  That may have been the scariest comment made during the convention. The fact that these people actually believe that they can help us is truly a terrifying thought. The only thing the democrats have been good for is losing wars in recent history and they want us to lose this one as well. This man clings to his military service which in private he is clearly ashamed of. He thinks that by being sentimental about his family it will give him a human quality which I will grant that it does but we have learned nothing about John Kerry the man.  This man has never been “true to his ideals” and only offers flip flops on just about everything he has ever talked about. 

He had good things to say about all those running with him and to me came off as sounding somewhat false.  His moral compass was set long before Teresa and she is nothing more than moneybags for this campaign. 

Oh and surprise surprise if anyone has missed it this man did fight in Vietnam.  He did not take long to start critizing the president for not doing the right thing after 9/11. rather then handing ourselves over to the UN we went and took an aggressive stance in Iraq. WE did not ally ourselves with that corrupt world government that has proven to be so useless in the recent time period.  “America can do better and help is on the way” by electing George W. Bush and keeping America strong.  This absolute bullshit of creating jobs in America has grown tiring and by closing those tax loopholes you will only hurt the companies and cause them to lay off workers instead of keep producing goods that we use in our country. 

 “It is time to reach for the next dream. It is time to look to the next horizon. For America, the hope is there. The sun is rising. Our best days are still to come.” This statement is very true and I think is an important thing to say and must be analyzed as to which side can give us what we truly want. I believe that George W. Bush best fist that description and I hope that with the help of the American electorate and God he will be our president once again. 

2004 and 1864?

National Review's Democratic mole has a very interesting piece discussing the "peace platform" as a recurring role for the Democrats.

Capture of a terrorist

Pakistan has once again demonstrated aw willingness to help fight the war on terror and make the world safer for all people. With the arrest of one of the bombers of the embassy in Tanzania the United States can come one more step closer to punishing those who would dare to attack sovereign US territory. As someone who may one day be working in an embassy I take comfort in the fact that people like this are being brought to justice.  I hope that Pakistan can continue to help bring the terrorists fleeing Afghanistan to justice and that the people there will support their leader in doing so.    

Blogging the way of the Future?

David mentioned earlier about Blogs and how they are being used at the convention on O’Reilly and world news with peter Jennings the topics of blogs were covered. For those who don’t know bloggers have been given press credentials and are covering the convention from essentially a press box.  Many journalists feel that people will still turn to the news rather then getting information off of a blog and that this is a temporary interlude.  I agree that most people will get their basics from the news but those with a special interest will go on the blog to get the analysis that only places like Fox News seem to want to provide.  Will blogs be a permanent feature in news coverage that is a question that only time will answer and at this point I do not have an opinion one way or the other. I think blogs are a great way to share ideas with other people and are good for friends to stay in touch with and have good political discussions without having to worry about crazy people upsetting the discourse.  So I hope blogs stay around for a long time to come. 

John Kerry pre-speech

John Kerry’s speech is being said to be around 55 minuets and he has been working on it for the past month.  This is going to be one long boring speech by a very boring person. I will watch parts of it and of course post on what parts I do watch as I am sure they will be ridiculous.  Also I talked earlier about Kerry’s former comrades. Apparently they put a book out about their time in service together and it is not as glamorous as it has been made out to be.  I will be curios to get reaction from this book and see how Kerry address it tonight when in a shocking development they will reveal that he did fight in Vietnam and received three purple hearts although they can’t be found. 

Facebook Politics Update

Very Liberal - 14
Liberal - 66
Moderate - 44
Conservative - 30
Very Conservative - 6!

I don't even need to comment on this, except to say let the liberals go higher and higher!  I need unscientific proof. 

Tally as of Thursday, July 29, 1:28 PM.

Paying for Clintons Errors

The United States military used to be able to operate in two areas of operations pre 1992.  What happened you might ask that we would be short of troops now when we are not even in two theaters of operations.  Well the simple answer is Bill Clinton happened.  His cuts in the military have hurt us so much that we are now unable to defend ourselves in a way that would not even have been a problem in 1992.  We had two theaters of operations plus reserves. Now be barely have 1.5 theaters and no reserves. This is of course a very bad situation to be in and one that rests solely on the shoulders of our former president.  Now Bush may have been forced into these wars and I am glad we are trying to find diplomatic solutions to the others out there because right now the only way to fight another war is a draft which everyone is against.  My blood boils when I think of what Clinton has done to this country and how the actions of this man could doom the United States in the war on terror. At the very least it is going to take us much longer to win the war then the quick strike it could have been to achieve sizable results due to the lack of troops.  So president Clinton I hope in “My Life” you reflect on the illdefnded position that you left the US in and for once in your life take responsibility for it.  

John Kerry (the most useless senator of our tine)

The more I learn about John Kerry the less I trust the man and like the man. I hope we do not have this man as our next commander in chief and although I am not a Bush fan in any sense this is coming down to the lesser of two evils.  Kerry missed 38 out of 49 meetings for the senate intelligence committee. This truly is unacceptable that the group that is responsible for overseeing our intelligence and making vital decision is missing a member that many times.  I can understand maybe once to twice or three times at an extreme but 38!!!!!!! A 22 percent attendance record is nothing to brag about and is actually just plain horrible. I would hope that he strives for better and serve his country as he was elected to do but clearly he has no sense of civic duty which is both sad and scary considering he could be our next president.  His army pals are an interesting case and apparently are breaking ranks with him in large numbers. It is developing on Fox news and Drudge so I will try to give more as I learn more. 

Dems Campaign

Dick Morris was on Fox News last night talking about the Democrats and their election strategy. He made a few interesting points and I really respect a lot of what he says because most political analysts don’t talk about it.  The Democrats are running again on value issues like the did in 1996.  They want to run on the issues that are close to Americans hearts and not the standard ones however with Bush being a war time president they are not able to run on value issues alone. Polls still support the president in this war time for defending America.  The democrats want a return to pre9/11 times which makes them very dangerous. Rather then face the issues in this new and sadly dangerous world they want to pretend that it is not happening and bury their head in the sand.  This is not the way to handle election but it is how they are doing it nonetheless. 

Al Sharpton Sounded like a Rabid Dog

Last nights convention was an interesting experience. I think David said enough about Edwards and I agree with everything that he said so I will skip over his speech and discuss the one given by AL Sharpton.  He was certainty firing people up at the convention and as usual shouting about everything. As Dick Morris said “Does this man ever hold a job?”  Sadly the answer to this is no.  This man takes other people’s money and goes around the country stirring up trouble.  He believes that our “rights have never been so threatened” and that Kerry is the only hope for getting America back on track.  This is of course more liberal bull and was a pathetic attempt at trying to sound clever with his rhymes rather than delivering anything of substance.  Sharpton also alleged that Kerry was the only one who could “preserve the principles on which the nation was founded on.”  Kerry who stands for changing his mind and probably can’t order an ice cream at Baskin Robins much less defend our country does not have a clear sense of what the country needs.  Hopefully this lunatic will not be listened to and we can return to normalcy soon enough.

Debate Thoughts

There were a couple rather interesting debates over the last two days, but I found myself ultimately disappointed by them. Last night O'Reilly had Michael Moore on and they went at it and this afternoon Sean Hannity managed to convince Janeane Garofalo to come on his radio show. The problem was, both hosts let their guests get away with way too much and pressed them in the wrong areas.

Well, I think I have to not be too harsh on Hannity because he promised Garofalo he'd be nice to her, and he was. I just didn't agree with his choice of debate topics. Instead of refuting her lies about the president, he went the hypocrisy route, asking why she won't call John Kerry a liar for saying essentially the same stuff. It's pretty easy to catch Democrats on double standards and inc ontradicting themselves, but Hannity didn't even have a great argument there. He had all the facts on Bush, and that's what he should have called her on. I know it's good to turn things around on Kerry once ina while, but these people really need to be challenged on their lies about the president. I do give Hannity points for bringing up the Russian alliance in WWII when she started going on and on about the US arming Saddam in the 80s. The hard leftists really do not understand the idea of realpolitik, and I've had them give me incredulous looks when I suggested that arming Iraq against Iran was sound policy (same as arming the Soviets against the Nazis).

I think O'Reilly was a lot tougher on Moore, but when they got into the "lie/not a lie" stuff O'Reilly was working on the premise that the intelligence was wrong. I'm still not convinced it was wrong. Especially since all the other intelligence services in the world said the same thing. Moore never trusted the CIA in the first place and thinks it reasonable for the president to think that way, too. Why even have it, then? Yes, it has a lot of problems (mostly thanks to restrictions and budget cuts from Democrats), but it still has better resources than almost any other agency in the world. And when the only comparable two, MI6 and Russian intelligence say the same thing, well, that tends to corrorborate things. O'Reilly really should have driven this point home.

Come to think of it, there is another comparable intelligence agency, and that's the Mossad (Israeli intelligence). Has anyone looked at what their information said about Iraqi WMD programs? I think that could prove enlightening.

O'Reilly also got Moore into a logical trap with the Hitler thing. Yeah, I'd love to see how well Moore would have done selling an invasion of Germany in 1933 to a world that refused to take action until the Nazis and Soviets were already fighting over the carcass of Poland. That was a great analogy, and Moore couldn't answer it. The best he could come up with is, "If we’d done our job [at the end of WWI]." And not that he's wrong about the end of that war leading into the next, but something tells me he's referring to cooperating with the League of Nations and nonsense like the Kellogg-Briand Pact, rather than the unnecessarily punitive Treaty of Versailles. (Hey, that's another thing we have to thank France for. It was the French desire for vengeance on the Germans for the Franco-Prussian War that encouraged the harsh treay in 1919.)

The most ridiculous part was the argument over whether O'Reilly would "sacrifice" his child in Iraq or Afghanistan. That is a fantastic rhetorical trick and a major guilt play and O'Reilly managed to handle it, but not all that well. John Derbyshire and emailers to the Corner had the perfect response, so I'll direct you over there, since I can't say it as well as they can.

Derb's initial comments. More from Derb.
Emailer 1. Emailer 2.

Socialism Reflected in the Autobahn

There was a rather intersting Modern Marvels episode on the History Channel tonight about the autobahn. The autobahn is famous for its lack of speed limits in places, but I was struck by some aspects of how it is policed. It's covered in cameras that can watch almost every inch of the roadway, which of course makes it very easy to write tickets for violations. Americans get in a tizzy just about cameras that catch drivers running red lights, but can you imagine if every mile of every interstate highway was covered in cameras? I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable with that. And the Germans will lecture us on unreasonable security measures...

On the autobahn, they're apparently focused on tailgating more than speeding violations. I have no porblem with this, as I despise tailgaters, but what really bothers me is how they're fined. Violators are fined according to their wealth. That is really, really wrong. As Walter Williams wrote today, wealth redistribution like that is simply theft.

The other thing that bothered me is the fact that any unfriendly hand gestures are illegal. I think the next time a German lectures me about the Patriot Act, I'll make a rude hand gesture and laugh in his face.

Nightline and the Media

The only reason I'm watching is because Hannity has an interview on the show tonight. I didn't like Ted Koppel for quite some time before last year and his endlessly pessimistic and distorted coverage from Iraq just reinforced my dislike for his reporting. That aside, I have to say they chose an interesting theme for tonight's show: Media at the Convention. The media is not prone to self-scrutiny, and I would argue that the emergence of competing news sources is forcing the traditional media to take on this topic.

Nightline made it a point to discuss just how many different avenues for news there are now, and I think that's a great thing, but Nightline apparently thinks that the fragmentation of the audience is a bad thing because we lose the shared experience. Huh? We're all still watching the same event, just not through the same lens, and I think that contributes a great deal to the expereince as people now have multiple perspectives to share. How Fox News covers something will not be the same as ABC or NPR or Univision or NRO cover it. It's still the same thing, though, so the shared experience is just as poweful as it ever was, and perhaps moreso because people without access to traditional media can still experience it. During the Iraq war, I didn't have the New York Times or CBS News, but I had NHK, the BBC, ABC, and the internet, and I still saw the same event, but I actually saw much more of the picture than had I just watched CBS. Greater diveristy in media allows people to be more informed, not less.

Blogs were mentioned briefly, but not given any discussion. And only Wonkette got a nod from ABC.

Koppel relied on David Brooks as his interpreter for all this, but Brooks had plenty of dumb things to say, too. Particularly, he argued that people go to certain media outlets so they can hear, "You're right, you're right, you're right" all the time and never hear "you're wrong." That completely misunderstands the drive toward alternative media sources. It's not that people NEVER want to hear "you're wrong," they're sick of ALWAYS hearing "you're wrong" so theys eek out places where it's more balanced. But I don't think it's even about people wanting to hear affirmation or rejection of their own views, they just want better news coverage. They want the stories that the traditional media either distort or refuse to cover, and the media's behavior in the War on Terror has confirmed people's disgust with traditional media sources. The New York Times has incessantly harped on Abu Ghraib, but has devoted virtually no space to the UN Oil-for-Food scandal. In fact, only one TV network is covering stories like that and that's why the UN people have come to hate Fox News because it is the only entity outside the blogosphere that has decided to hold them accountable. It's not about hearing what you want to hear, but about hearing what the media don't want you to hear.

Jon Stewart had something unsurprisingly asinine to say. He doesn't think conservatives and liberals each presenting their side of an argument in a discussion with their research and their data and debating competing ideas. According to him that's "Coke and Pepsi debating beverage truth." That's sophomoric. The idea is that both sides of an argument are presented, as best as they can by their advocates and the public decides who has the better case, who has their facts right, and which idea seems better to them. It's the same principle as a jury trial. But I haven't come to expect anything insightful from Jon Stewart.

And now Koppel just announced that they won't be showing the Hannity segment (or one they shot with Franken) because of "late-breaking news." Then they cut to a commercial break... Is it worth waiting to see what was so urgent? Looks like Koppel and Sthephanopolis are just going to talk about the Ohio delegation being the one to put Kerry over the top with delegates. Yeah, that's much more interesting than talking about the media's role in a convention, the story you don't hear from the major networks.

Stem Cell Research

Since everyone else has weighed in on stem cell research, I suppose it's time for me to do the same. Like David, I am not an expert on stem cell research by any means. I can only speak about it from my understanding on it and when I have the time, it's a topic I'd like to investigate further, especially after hearing Michael Reagan on Hannity's show this past week.

I realize I'm in the minority and that's fine by me. I support President Bush's stance on stem cell research. This is what I've heard about it, and if I'm incorrect, please let me know.

Stem cell research is taking place in the United States, but the existing lines of cells will run out shortly and President Bush has put a stop to the opening of new lines. Stem cells can be taken from infants and adults, but while this is harmless, it's harder to do and those stem cells aren't as useful. Taking stem cells from an embryo destroys that embryo and those are the most promising cells for medical research.

I believe that life begins at conception, thus destroying an embryo is murder. On several occasions this summer, I have been asked why I am opposed to stem cell research and my response is that I cannot support the creation of life for the purpose of destorying it, even if by destroying it, you end up saving someone else's life. We have yet to reach the point of creating embryos in a laboratory with the specific intent to destroy them for research, but that doesn't mean we won't be doing so in the future.

There are thousands and thousands of frozen embryos in storage right now that were never used for in-vitro fertilizations. I believe labs destroy them after a certain number of years, but I don't know what the law in the United States says about that. That's also something that bothers me and it's a big reason why I'm not a fan of in-vitro. It sounds like a nice idea to take those embryos and use them for research instead of just destroying them, but I cannot agree with it. We don't know what doors this research may open. What if new discoveries greatly increase the demand for embryos? What if we reach the point where we run out of unused frozen embryos? Would private labs, or even our own goverment, offer women money for frozen embyros to be used and destroyed for research?

Yes, maybe some day this research would lead to a way to extract stem cells without destroying embryos. In the meantime, we will continue to destroy life in the name of scientific advancement. I believe that all life is precious and I know that it's hard to watch loved ones suffer and die from horrible diseases. But this is an incredibly dangerous slippery slope. We already allow women to kill their embryos and fetuses without any good reason. This offers what sounds like a good reason for destroying life. But what about destroying life at other stages? What if murdering all people over the age of 80 was permitted in order to give their Social Security benefits to other people? Or murder at age 75? Or 70? What if it became acceptable to murder older people who are receiving Medicare so that younger people with long and bright futures ahead of them can have free healthcare?

I have a huge problem with the mentality in this country that some lives are worth more than others and stem cell research will continue to foster that mentality. Senator Zell Miller was on Hannity & Colmes tonight and when asked about Ron Reagan's speech to the Democratic National Convention, he said that he hopes Ron can look at himself in a mirror and realize that he was once an embryo, that we all were, and that he is here today giving speeches because his life was protected.

Give this a thought: today's stem cell research could destroy the embryo that would have grown up to discover a cure for disease that wouldn't involve the destruction of human life. To the gentlemen (former embryos) from Colorado, California, and Pennsylvania, I must respectfully disagree.

Funniest Line of the Night

Head of the Minnesota Democratic Party: "Let me introduce the greatest statesman that our nation has ever seen, Walter Mondale!"

If ever there was a time for cricket sound effects...

"No, sir, we'll be taking you to the USS Walter Mondale, it's a laundry ship!"

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Nonsense From the State Delegations

I’m now watching the state delegations cast their votes. Is it just me or is the woman presiding over this an amazingly stereotypical mealy-mouthed college administrator hardcore liberal type? I know, I know, I’m setting myself up for a lot of cheap shots when the RNC starts, but they’re going to come regardless, so I might as well have some fun.

The Florida delegation is still deluding itself about the 2000 election and making snide references to “counting all the votes.” I’m so absolutely sick of this lie. I don’t even feel like going through it again, it’s so ridiculous.

And now the Guam delegation is sounding ridiculous reading its vote decisions in some native language. Maybe I would mind it less if the woman reading it had any sense of how to pronounce any word in that language. If they wanted to read it in a foreign language (which seems to be a theme at this convention), they could have at least gotten someone who speaks some of it.

Hmm, when did “Aloha” come to mean, “wishing you diversity?”

Stream of Consciousness Reactions to Edwards' Speech

I do apologize in advance for the somewhat disjointed nature of this post. However, that's what stream of consciousness is all about. Hey, it's called a masterpiece when Faulker writes this way, so cut me some slack.

Well, I’m sitting here watching the Democrats go crazy over John Edwards, so I thought I’d blog about it as I watch.

Right now they’re introducing a bunch of retired generals and admirals and other servicemen. It’s so amazingly phony. The crowd is cheering them. You’ll never see a room full of Democrats, especially a room in which 95% are to the left of Joe Lieberman, cheer for members of the military like this ever again. Even CNN couldn’t swallow the line that Kerry and Edwards are “strong on defense.”

John Edwards’ daughter seems to have rummaged through some bins at Princeton and found a leftover 60’s hairstyle.

And what does Edwards’ wife start out with? Why John Kerry’s Vietnam service! He was in Vietnam? Really? Gosh, I must have missed that.

Now she’s pretending that John “trial lawyer” Edwards was just a champion for the little guy while he was out there making his fortune by making a mockery of the legal system.
“Faith and moral core?” The delegates must be confused by that one. That’s not what the Democratic Party is all about…

As much as I respect Lieberman, you have to admit, Edwards is one photogenic guy. Just repeat to yourself, “trial lawyer, trial lawyer, trial lawyer.” Is it the end of August yet?

You know, if Edwards was a Republican, the Dems would be laughing at his Southern accent like a bunch of braying donkeys… No, I’m not making fun of his accent; I like it. Just pointing out the double standard.

And what does Edwards start out with? John Kerry served in Vietnam! Well, that’s it! The election’s over. Kerry served in Vietnam, so that makes him the best candidate for president. Never mind that this is from the party that spent the last 30 years decrying Vietnam and anyone who was associated with it. They chided conservatives for making political hay out of military service. This is the party that said it was no big deal that Clinton went to Canada, yet they’re convinced that Bush shirked his duty.

Edwards: “More negative attacks. Aren’t you sick of it?” Yeah, and it’s only been three days.

Edwards is discussing equality of opportunity. He’s a couple decades behind. Don’t you know it’s all about equality of result now, John?

And here comes the “Two Americas” nonsense… We don’t have to have 2 health care systems, where one gives people quality care, we can drag them all down together! “Schools shouldn’t be limited by where they are.” But no vouchers, nope.

Hahaha, wow, did anyone else see the lady making “I’m madly in love with you eyes” in the CNN shot?

Haha, Edwards talked about tax cuts for American corporations creating jobs for Americans and the delegates weren’t sure whether to cheer or not. But, but, corporate America is the enemy!

Tell me John, how ARE you going to pay for it? By soaking the rich of course! They don’t create jobs or anything. They’re pure evil.

35 million Americans live in poverty? I’m guessing they’re working with a special definition of poverty…

Hey, raise the minimum wage! That’ll help create jobs! Why didn’t I think of that? If employers have to pay their existing employees more then they’ll certainly have more money left over to hire new ones at the higher wage.

Now Edwards is equating his “Two Americas” with segregation? Wait a minute, isn’t “Two Americas” all about class, not race? “We want our children and grandchildren to grow up in an America not divided by race.” Well, here’s a hint, John, stop using race to divide America!

Edwards says they’ll do everything for homeland security, everything! No specifics, of course, nor anything about how they’ll be able to do a better job than Bush, but it sure sounds good.

He certainly sounds like he’s convinced about the threat of terrorism, and I hope that he is, but his voting record doesn’t necessarily square with what he’s saying.

Wait, was Edwards just talking about getting countries to forgive Iraqi debt? Wasn’t that absolute folly back when Bush was trying it in December? I thought it was fiscally irresponsible. What “loophole” in the NPT is he referring to? As in if nations don’t sign it, they’re not bound by it? I’d like to hear an elaboration on that.

“We choose optimism over cynicism. We won’t listen to people who say ‘You can’t do that!” Wait, I thought he wanted to strengthen ties with the French?

And now that the speech is over, they’re using that “Let’s get it started” song that ESPN used to promote the NBA playoffs. I kind of liked that song, and now it’s irrevocably tainted. Too bad.

Ah, here’s the key: “American soldiers don’t have to fight the War in Iraq or the War on Terror alone.” That sentence says a great deal in that it makes clear that Kerry and Edwards really don’t regard those as one and the same. And therein lies the distinction. They don’t understand the War on Terror and how Iraq is a crucial piece of it. They’re stuck in the Democratic mindset that the War on Terror equals the War on Al Qaeda. It’s much, much more than that. This war may be unconventional and it’s certainly being fought differently than the wars of the 20th Century, but it shares a crucial characteristic with them in that it’s about ideology. Like fascism and communism, the ideology of Islamofascism is about oppression and brutality. Freedom is antithetical to its followers and those societies that exhibit and export freedom are its enemies. Freedom is dangerously subversive to these ideologies and that is why their fanatical followers are so desperate to destroy it. President Bush understands this well, as does Dick Cheney and everyone in the president’s cabinet. That is the real important difference in this election, and the Democrats just don’t understand it.

I have to give Edwards credit for something, though. I may not have agreed with almost any of the content of his speech, he did a marvelous job of being upbeat and optimistic. He spoke a of a vision for this country (an indistinct and potentially ruinous one though it may be) that was forward-looking and positive. It’s very much like his primary campaign speeches. It is a breath of fresh air for a party that has been the party of hate, pessimism and bitterness for the last 4 years. Though most people at that convention are there as Bush-haters rather than Kerry/Edwards supporters, Edwards did a commendable job of trying to get away from that.

Book Review: The Balkans: Nationalism, War and the Great Powers, 1804-1999

The Balkans: Nationalism, War, and the Great Powers, 1804-1999 by Misha Glenny is the most through book I have ever read on the subject. This book covers the area so in depth that there is no way you would he left wanting more information about the events that occurred in the Balkans during that time period. It covers the first and second Balkan wars, WW1 and 2 along with the period in-between, the cold war, and the Yugoslav war very well.  Focusing early on in the book it covers the Ottoman vs Greek struggle for control of the southern Balkans and the ottoman vs Austria Hungary for the control of the north with Russia being the interloper.  I found this region to be simply fascinating and after reading about the struggle and how it developed it is clear that there will sooner be an answer to the Israeli-Palestinian problem then one to the Balkan area. These people have been at war since before Ottoman times and it appears that they will continue to be at war for sometime to come. 

Finally something good

I will try to refrain from commenting on trails too often but I had to finally say I am glad the prosecution is starting to handle things right. I am still pretty sure based on what has been done so far that Scott Peterson will get off. If I ever need a lawyer though I will be contacting Geregos.  This guy is very sharp and has picked apart the case so far until the fishing expert came on. A fishing expert testified that the type of fish Scott was looking for could not have been caught with the equipment he was using as well as the location he was looking in would not have yielded those fish.  Hopefully they can continue the forward movement they have and bring the case to a close soon.

As Hanitty said "I know this guy is guilty but the prosecution is not even convincing me"

New Simpson's Episodes

I saw something yesterday on upcoming new Simpson’s episodes fro the new season. Two in particular caught my eye

Homer gets a certificate off the internet that allows him to marry people as Springfield legalizes gay marriage. They said a character will come out of the closet and it is not who anyone thinks it will be.
A recall will be done against Mayor Quimby but no word if Wolfcastle will be the one to run against him.

Just sad!

The teen choice awards are coming up once again and we will be seeing some interesting choices for the hosts of the show.  The starts of a simple life Paris Hilton and Nicole Riche are going to be the hosts.  This represents and interesting choice for the head of the show that is usually reserved for a teen role model. Here we have a porn star and ex heroin addict introducing the idols of America’s youth. I am a little saddened by this and wish that the choice would be rethought but hey when trash is popular I guess you have to go with it.  

Teresa gives her voice

Teresa Heinz Kerry made an effort to bring about a more human face to her husband last night and in the end actually reveled quite a bit about herself and how she would be as a first lady. She started open remarks in Spanish and Italian and possibly another language although I am no sure.  She welcomed continental Africans and new Americans (illegal immigrants) to the Democratic Party and told them how precious their freedom is.  That remark caught me off guard.  The democrats truly believe we are suspending all of their freedoms and I am unsure as to what they intend to do about it. I don’t know if it is just me but at times I have a very hard time understanding this woman.  She struck me as a huge feminist as the speech went on however I will say she is nowhere near as terrifying as Hillary Clinton.  Many generalizations were made and I don’t believe her speech helped define John Kerry anymore then he already has been. I have not seen a huge jump in any poll and it appears that the dems may not get the standard 10 point boost which would make the race very interesting. I will be out for a long time today so I probably won’t have too much new stuff from the convention.

Deficits Curb Spending?

I'm still (slowly) reading through Dinesh D'Souza's book about Ronald Reagan and am enjoying it immensely. I ran across something particularly intriguing today, though. In his discussion of the deficits that Reagan has become associated with, he notes that they weren't all bad. Of course, they helped win the Cold War, but according to D'Souza, they also helped restrain spending. He explains it thus:

It occurred to Congress.. that if it kept up its pace of expenditures, interest payments would continue to rise each year to the point where there would be no discretionary funds left. In other words, the prospect of an end to future spending suddenly began to impose constraints on current spending.
He then quotes Milton Friedman as saying, "the deficit has been the only effective restraint on Congressional spending."*

This is very very interesting to me. Restrained spending seems to have been a result in the 80s, but I don't think we've seen anything like that yet in this decade. However, this certainly seems to indicate the potential for some good to come out of the Bush adminstration's spending binge. It also makes a useful retort to those who complain excessively about the deficit. No, I don't like it either, but I think there's much more important things to worry about at the moment. I have no problem with deficits based on defense expenditures for the War on Terror, but I have a major problem when they're the result of the awful new Medicare entitlement.

Rest assured, though, as much as Bush is spending, the Democrats would only be worse, no matter what they're saying this week. They talk about reducing the deficit, but never through curbing spending; always through tax hikes. This is not a problem to be solved by electing Democrats (is there any problem that would solve?). The place to take care of this is in Republican primaries by electing true conservatives like Pat Toomey over old-guard spenders and closet Democrats like our favorite punching bag, Arlen Specter.

*Quotes from Ronald Reagan: How an Ordinary Man Became an Extraordinary Leader by Dinesh D'Souza (New York: The Free Press, 1997) p. 126

Hannity vs. The Democratic Party

If you haven't been listening to Hannity's radio show live from the floor of the FleetCenter, you've been missing some fantastic talk radio. Just today he royally pissed off Jimmy Hoffa Jr., got Jesse Jackson to sit and talk with him, discussed Ron Reagan Jr. with Michael Reagan, talked to Zell Miller about how crazy the Democrats have become and made fun of Janine Garofalo and Al Franken with Mike Gallagher. Great stuff.

Before his show started, he actually went on Frnaken's show and trashed the guy. I'm dying to hear this, but I have no idea where to look for a recording. Hannity is trying to negotiate some broadcast rights but something tells me they won't be very generous with that.

Since I'm deprived of Fox News at the moment, I'm getting my convention coverage from Hannity's radio show and National Review Online. Good stuff, but I still miss Fox terribly.

Re: Stem Cells

I have to admit I'm not quite up on the basic medicine here. I know stem cells are embryonic cells that have the potential for fantastic medical breakthroughs, but I'm not all that clear on exactly what sources there are for them. From what I've heard, though, I'm torn. I tend to agree with Brian and Kevin and a great number of other people that this field holds a great deal of promise and we should certainly be encouraging it. I didn't like the President's quick dismissal of it, but I'm also troubled by the description of growing embryos in a petri dish and then using the cells from there. I seem to recall that there's another way of getting them, but it may not be as good. In the end, I think I can swallow my moral issues for the good of mankind, but we are on treacherous ground here so we should be careful where we go.

Re: Denver PD

I have heard about these disgusting "bounty" posters but surprisingly enough I haven't heard much discussion about them. I think they may be overshadowed by the ship of fools currently occupying the FleetCenter.

Anyway, I believe this incident stems from the latest unfortunate mistaken shooting by the Denver police. There has been a series of wrongful shootings over the past few years and the Denver police have increasingly taken more heat for it. In this case, the police were looking for a domestic violence suspect. When cops entered the home, they saw a man reaching for a shiny object, which one officer took to be a gun, and the man was shot. I was actually a soda can and, tragically, the man died from his wounds. Unfortunately, this latest shooting brough out the cop haters and and other anarchists. All the people that go around the country trying to defame policemen and women for everything bad that happens in the community came to Denver to join with the local "bomb-throwers" and the result of all this is these awful bounty posters.

Now this is not to say that there isn't some scrutiny needed inside the Denver PD and that these shootings aren't a problem. A full investigation will be completed and Denver mayor John Hickenlooper has apologized to the victim's family (small comfort though that may be). However, I'm tired of these instinctive cop haters who go around the country and cause nothing but trouble. The vitriol these people spread contributed to the violence in places like Cincinnatti and LA. I really hope nothing like that will happen in Denver.

Michael Moore demonstrates his ignorance and hate

Well tonight O’Reilly and the evil fat socialist otherwise known as Michael Moore faced off over the issues that concern his propaganda piece and his treatment of the president.  When told he should apologize to the president Michael Moore said the president should apologize to him and the nation. I agree that while we have not discovered weapons of mass destruction clearly everyone from the CIA, MI6, Russian Intelligence and the intelligence of every ally out there believed that they existed.  We went in to remove them and in the process toppled a vicious dictator. I am sorry Michael Moore if you were happier with Saddam in power and yes I do think it is worth 900 lives to remove this man from power.  Michael Moore would have gone after Bin Laden without hitting the Taliban which was a legitimate government and would have violated the Pakistani airspace and territory to hunt him down so rather than war with Afghanistan we would have had a dual attack by both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Yes this truly is a brilliant way to handle foreign policy. 

Moore asserted that we cannot deliver democracy through the barrel of a gun. I would beg to differ and in most cases democracy was only achieved through the barrel of a gun in almost all cases. We were founded on revolution as were many of the democracies in the Americas.  A gun is a useful tool for furthering the development of democracy and in this case introducing it into a place where elections were not free and the thought police controlled dissent.  Moore asked why the people did not rise up against Saddam.  This is a stupid question. When they tried they were gassed and they were clearly held under the thumb of an oppressive and brutal dictator.  Clearly it was very easy for them to rise up and achieve things of measure.    

Moore’s invitation to the president to watch the propaganda in Crawford Texas at a special screening on Wednesday should go ignored and his telling president bush you have the funnies lines in the movie is out of place and demonstrates this mans lack of tact and disdain for our president.  This un-American man should truly leave the country

With regards to Ben Affleck he presented himself very well and answered the questions straightforward and honestly which I have a lot of respect for. Maybe Michael Moore can take a lesson from him but I doubt it. 

Stem Cells rebuttal

Well Frosty I wish I could say that I had your faith in Stem Cell research by the republicans. The Bush spokesmen was discussing how he was adamenelty against Stem Cell research and how it would destroy the abortion debate by allowing it.  You of all people know it will be a cold day in hell and Lucifer will be ice skating with Tanya Harding before I agree with nationalized health care. I do believe the government should sponsor research grants as it is essentially a form of national defense.  Equal beginnings rather than special treatment is an excellent policy to follow and one that I know you agree with.  Medicare and Medicaid are a drain on the economy and the cuts for cancer perscritptions are forcing doctors to lose the profit margin and they will refer patients to hospitals which are slower and will not help the people as good as a private doctor woud.  The budget is so far gone that there is no hope. Sometime tomorrow I will post about the resoveld CA budget now that the girlie men have given in.  You are correct in asserting that John Kerry cannot provide this solution.  Hopefully as I said before the Bush administration will reverse its position and we can get the research. As for fiscal responsiblity both Kerry and Bush are not and they both will not be.  I have absolutely no hope of Bush riengin in his spending habitits and I try to tell myself it is a war time budget (not that this explains the welfare spending) and that when we start wining the war it can be cut. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Stem Cells

Brian, the country will have federally funded stem cell research very soon, and importantly, the Republican party will endorse this initiative once Bush is out of office.   2/3 of the country supports stem cell research, as I would argue the majority of the party leaders in the GOP does also.   Stem cells do not come as a result of an abortion.  Speaking as a republican who is against abortion, stem cell research is an absolute necessity, and those among us who consider that opposing this technology is consistent with a pro-life view are sadly mistaken.  I believe that there is an America in our future where most human suffering can be alleviated, and much of this will be through medicine.  The Democrats have the right idea about a lot of this - what Americans deserve - but their methods are ultimately improper.  We should not create a social welfare state and the government should not provide directly for citizens; rather, government should create the environment necessary for prosperity, discovery, and the ideal American way of life.  Government should not give health plans to citizens, but rather create the atmosphere where every American can afford a proper lifestyle.  This comes simply from responsible governing.  This comes from lowering taxes, spending responsibly, limiting frivilous medical malpractice lawsuits, remove roadblocks for discovery in the medical field, and encouraging young Americans to make the sacrifices necessary to become smart and competent members of the medical community, because it can't look to appealing to a young student in a state like Pennsylvania right now to sacrifice thousands of dollars and thousands of days to train to become a doctor only to end up working over half the year to pay taxes and pay insurance companies for coverage. 

I am confident that John Kerry and the democrats are not capable in creating this atmosphere for Americans, but I fear also that President Bush is not interested in doing the same, at least not entirely.  Part of this is stem cells, but part of this is also irresponsible and misdirected spending of the federal budget.  I know that this all is possible, and I know it can come from a Republican administration.  I just hope it doesn't have to be my administration - I would rather have the groundwork laid out for my by then. 

What is the purpose of Ted Kennedy?

Teddy Kennedy is at it again delivery a completely useless speech tonight at the convention. Aside from not really saying much of anything and just acknowledging what a “good guy” John Kerry is he really made no point at all. He talked about America’s “Fear of 4 more years of lost dreams” under the current administration. This man is so far out there though that it really does not matter.  Jerry Brown former Oakland Governor was asked by O’Reilly if he thought that Ted Kennedy was helping out John Kerry at all and the basic conclusion was that he is just a friend that will not play out in the election. I agree with O’Reilly that it will turn off people in Iowa and Pennsylvania who see these two far left nut jobs together and cause people to rethink how they are voting.  I do not believe people have lost their dreams and the president of the NAACP even conceded that it is true that more African Americans own homes then ever before. The economy is brimming with consumer confidence and good earnings along with that confidence have allowed for a rebound in the stock market as well as the polls. 

Problems in Denver

There is a problem at the police department in Denver over bounties being placed on the lives of police officers. There have been several wrongful death shootings by police in a part of town and in response and unknown individuals(s) has placed a 5000 dollar bounty on a cops life and a 10,000 dollar bounty on a cops badge. This practice is absolutely sick and I as I have a cousin who is fourth generation LAPD I find it particularly disturbing.  I hope that the lunatics who would put out bounties on those who serve and protect the citizens of that city will be brought to justice and tried to the fullest extent for this conspiracy to commit murder.  The idea of paying for police to be murdered is so horrible that these people do deserve everything that goes along with that sentence.  I hope they are caught quickly and that no police officers are hurt in Denver.

DNC Convention

95 percent of convention democrats do not want a war in Iraq and are against it.  This is absolutely insane that the party has fallen so far to the right that they agree with Ralph Nader more than their own candidate on that issue.  It really does represent the down fall of the nation as people flock to the side of the anti war protestors who side with nut jobs like Michael Moore. (More on him later and no pun intended).  This party is completely out of control and does not represent the views of mainstream America. Most people even if they do not agree with the war will support our troops and realize that we cannot just pull out of Iraq. This is illogical and simply insane.  This convention is showing the true colors of the Democratic Party and just how crazy and dangerous John Kerry is. I predict that his speech will only hurt him and continue his string of flip flops. 

As for other convention notes comming up
Ted Kennedy
Teresa Hienz


Stem Cell Research

Ron Reagan has made some interesting moves within the party today as he spoke at the convention. His plea was not well received by his brother Michael Reagan however I think this is an issue that republicans need to reconsider and not shun science like the Catholic Church did for centuries. Stem Cell research represents an amazing new technology that could help to cure disease that ravage the country.  While I agree that it is wrong to have an abortion we live in a world where unfortunately we need to have this research if we are to have the most expedient way to solve these diseases. This was an attempt to draw out the republicans into changing their policy and help fight the disease that has killed our mentor.  I hope that the republican party will adopt stem cell research however I am doubtful that this will ever happen. 

Carter's Speech

Former President Jimmy carter who nearly lost the cold war for the United States of America said some interesting things for his speech yesterday.  Here is a man who could not decisively handle threats against our country and contributed to one of the worst economies we have ever had.  This man who destroyed our country now wants to give us advice on how we should run it. His comment of “isolated and vulnerable in a hostile world” is interesting because that is exactly where he left us.  He would of course know what this looks like as he had left us in a vulnerable place in a world that was hostile to us on the front of the Soviet Union and Iran.  His mismanagement of years at the presidency is another reason as to why we should not pay any attention to these former democrats.  As with Clinton hopefully they will not play a role in politics. 

Clinton's Vow

Carrying on the Clinton theme we need to discuss his VOW to make Kerry the next president. Here is a man who cannot be trusted and has actually lied to the nation on several occasions. Whereas Bush was misled by intelligence agencies and had misinformation for his decision Clinton knowingly lied to the nation.  The idea of listening to this man about who we should make President of the United States is absolutely insane. I am hoping that the Clinton’s will get out of the limelight and go quietly hide under a rock until the end of time not causing more damage to the United States than they have already done. As this is very unlikely we must hope that the electorate in the United States is smart enough avoid this dishonest man and his scheming wife.   


Here's an article that Rush talked about today, referring to their awkward marriage. 

Thank you President Clinton (sarcasm)

Another perspective on Camp Pendleton is that it is charged with the defense of a nuclear reactor that is stationed along the beach head.  This reactor is a viable target for terrorists and has had a great deal of concern for all of the people in California.  Budget cuts had left the base at the lowest level of personnel ever and then with the war in Iraq troops have been taken away from there. Security threats discovered about 10 months (somewhere around that) led to the Bush administration redeploying troops from other bases to safe guard the reactor. The budget cuts and military pay freezes of the Clinton years should never have occurred and I am sorry to say that we are paying for those mistakes and even having to discuss a draft. My understanding is that we are short 9000 soldiers and in my opinion a pay raise and making the military more attractive to serve in again will solve the problem and bring willing soldiers. A draft is not the answer however if that is the choice I will serve if I am called upon and I hope that all Americans will answer the call of duty to defend freedom and democracy.

Tonight on the Fox News Channel

Michael Moore will be appearing on the O’Rielly Factor tonight followed by Ben Affleck.  The discourse between the two should be interesting and we will see what this blatant traitor can do to defend himself. Ben Affleck will be on afterwards talking about his role and the role of actors in the election and the antiwar effort. 

A Reminder

I didn't get to see Clinton and his cronies at the DNC tonight, since I was appropriately at a Republican meeting where I picked up an interesting tidbit. It's been about 4 years since the Clintons were in charge and all the terrorism and other worries have made us forget what an awful presidency it actually was.

The Democrats are going to spend this week telling you how strong they are on defense. Don't buy it. The Clinton years tell you all you need to know: a defense budget half of what it is now and a military strangled with moronic government regulations.

Case in point: Camp Pendleton. Pendleton is a famous Marine installation (if there's anyone reading this who actually hasn't heard of it) in California that was designed to be a training base for Marines. It has some shoreline for Marines to practice what they specialize in, amphibious assaults. How much exactly? About 18 miles worth. However, thanks to the environmental policies of the Clinton administration , as well as abuse of histoci preservation actas and every other imaginable thing that can be regulated and protected by the government, Camp Pendleton is actually only allowed to use about 200 yards of its 18 miles of shoreline. Yup.

If you liked that one, get a load of this one. Vandenberg Air Force base is also situated on the California coast (hmm, something tells me the California location isn't a coincidence). Vandenberg is the only other space launch facility in the United States (aside from Cape Canaveral) and is used most often by the military for DOD launches but also occasionally by private contractors. Well, the environmentalists there are worried about all the noise disrupting the wildlife. So, Vandenberg is required, for every launch, to send a boat out with someone to watch the sea lions and see how many of them turn their heads to look at the rocket. If that number reaches a certain threshold, the base has suspend launches to figure out a way to disturb the sea lions less. Could I make up something this stupid?

This monumental idiocy has been brought to you by the Clinton administration. Don't let it happen again.

DNC wrap up

Well I have a lot more to comment on the speeches from Clinton and Carter because they deserve special notice. I will do separate posts for those tomorrow morning.  Teresa was interesting.  She is not as insane as Hillary was but she does have an independent streak that makes her a loose cannon on the ticket. She does speak her mind and apparetnly has said unkind things about Teddy Kennedy (who wouldn't).  No clear idea yet of what the ticket will be other than more Bush bashing and claims that he is completely mishandling the Iraq situation.  That seems to be the best defense that they have against Bush and if this is all they have they will lose. Well more to come tomorrow.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Planned Parenthood

I want to share in the disgust over these ridiculous T-shirts by planned parenthood and I am curious to see how long it will take Lehigh’s own planned parenthood to have them. Some of these sorority sisters I am sure will be flocking to get their hands on them for a free shirt that celebrates their loose stupidity.

I think and excellent CR fundraiser would be to raise some money for shirts that say "I murdered a baby" and give them to those that planned parenthood gives out.

Al-Jazeera Banned from DNC

Al-Jazeera the propaganda masters of the Middle East and supporters of terror around the world were denied a banner at the DNC. I do want to commend the DNC on their sound judgment of not letting this blatant enemy of freedom into the convention.  This terror supporter should be astorcized and driven from the face of the planet for the views that they use to fight against America. Canada has outlawed the Fox News Channel but allows Al-Jazeera to deliver the news without interference.  It is sad to think that our once friendly neighbors to the north are being trained against us with the lies coming from the terror masters.  Even Iraq has said it may ban Al-Jazeera if it is deemed to hazardous to the country. I think this is an excellent idea and would be a great way to reduce terror against the country.  Hopefully they will follow through on this plan and we will see a safer Iraq because of it.

Al Gore Waaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With regards to the shirts I have been looking for them and hopefully will be able to find some soon.

I want to remind the nation since the democrats don’t seem to get it that Al Gore is the FORMER VICE PRESIDENT.  He is not the vice president.  He was called that all day today by democrats that were interviewed and it is pissing me off.  This man aside from being out of his mind and a sore loser is no longer the vice president.  He claims that Bush has completely mismanaged the war and of course continues his personal vendetta against him. All I can say to Gore is grow up and enjoy the fact that a lot of democrats still seem to think you are vice president.  Hopefully they will get over this soon. McGovern did believe that Gore gave a good speech today which is interesting coming from a man who is even more of a loser then Gore is.  This is going to be an interesting show. 

Moore Hurting American Morale

Drudge and LGF took notice of this email from Army Spc. Joe Roche discussing how much Moore's latest bilge is hurting our soldiers in Iraq. Hardcore leftists are, of course, cheering (link via LGF). I have to wonder if Moore was hoping for this as a secondary "benefit" all along.

More T-shirts

Arnie's "Girlie Men" remark has spawned T-shirt slogans for both Republicans and Democrats in California. Brian, you'd better get one.

Via The Corner

Coulter Update

Human Events Online has a copy of Ann's column with what she says were the USA Today's comments interspersed. They also have a short piece with the responses that USA Today gave to their questions as well as an announcement that Jonah Goldberg will take over from Ann. K-Lo confirms this in the Corner.

What strikes me here is that this is almost an insult to Ann and Jonah, seeing as Michael Moore is nowhere near their intellectual or compositional equivalent. Ann may have a similar style in saying provocative things, but she's always got facts to back up what she says, while Moore either has outright lies or at best half-truths. And Jonah is an independent-minded, very thoughtful writer and I could not possibly label him as a polemicist. Perhaps Jonah looks at this as an opportunity to trounce Moore in a writing/truth-telling competition, as he'll certainly come out looking better.

Abortion: the Lastest Fad

Today at work, one of my charming liberal co-workers chuckled as he informed me that TeRAAAAAAAAAAYsa Heinz Kerry told a reporter to shove it. I told him Dick Cheney is still way cooler for telling Patrick Leahy to go f*** himself.

I might have a tiny iota of respect for Planned Parenthood if they changed their shirts from "I had an abortion" to "I killed a baby". It makes me ill that abortion has become hip and cool enough that it's now a slogan plastered on a t-shirt. I think I'll make my own little t-shirt. On the front, it will say "I killed a baby" and on the back, it will say, "Er, I mean, I had an abortion". It would be an interesting little experiment, to wear the t-shirt and see how many outraged comments I receive from people who see the front, and then how many of those people wouldn't be outraged by what's on the back.

USA Today Gets What it Asks For and Says, "No Thanks"

According to Drudge and Hannity and Ann Coulter herself, apparently the USA Today asked Ann to do a daily column for them and then on reading her first submission, decided they didn't want it.

It seems that the paper wanted to have a polemicist from the other side writing op-eds during each day of the opposing conventions as a way to give perspective and perhaps keep things in check. Interesting idea. So they got Ann Coulter to follow the Democrats and Michael Moore to follow the Republicans. Well, they didn't like Ann's first column, and she told them that all her columns would be similar and that she might as well not waste her time. So her column won't be, as she so pithily put it, appearing all over "airports and hotels everywhere."

Something tells me they won't have a problem with what Moore writes. You can see Ann's spiked column at her website.

Rewriting History

My local radio host latched on to a couple intersting topics today. He started out with the abortion T-shirts and suggested "I have an STD" T-shirts as a follow-up. But what grabbed my attention was his mention of all the talk about Reagan coming out of the Democratic National Convention today. His reaction was "How dare the Democrats," and after some brief consideration, that's my reaction, too.

First of all, these are the people who were admonishing Republicans last month not to try and use the late great preasident for political advantage. And the GOP hasn't done much of anything along those lines to my knowledge, but now we have the Democrats throwing his name around. They have his son speaking to their convention. They'll talk about how Bush is not in the Reagan tradition (he's not but for different reasons than the Dems would have you believe). They'll talk about compromise and civility and grace and all sorts of other things.

Wait, stop. Hold the phone. Are these people serious? These are the SAME PEOPLE who despised Reagan when he was in office and even after it. They used all the same attacks they're now using against George W. Bush: "He's a cowboy!" "He's arrogant!" "He won't compromise!" "He's a war-monger!" "He's poisoning the air/water/land!" "He's a hate-monger!" "He's stupid!" These were all leveled at Reagan and now the Democrats are pretending they loved him? They gnashed their teeth about the "evil empire" speech just the same as they squired about the "Axis of Evil." It's so amazingly phony and an insult to Ronald Reagan's memory.

However, this fits into my idea that some liberals are beginning to admit that Americans are much more conservative at heart. Though the Democrats are featuring far-left nutcases at their convention, party officials seem to realize that average Americans just don't think like them. Hence the emphasis on patriotism and the invokation of Reagan.

Fortunately, I don't think most conservatives will be fooled by this. Reagan himself was well aware of the efforts to rewrite what happened and he said so in 1994:

Our friends in the other party will never forgive us for our success and are doing everything in their power to rewrite history. Listening to the liberals, you'd think that the 1980s were the worst period since the Great Depression—filled with greed and despair. Well, you and I know better than that... it seems that our opponents have finally realized how unpopular liberalism really is. So now, they're trying to dress their liberal agenda in a conservative overcoat.

"You're going to think you're looking at a Republican convention."

That's what a "senior Democrat" told the New Tork Times about this week's Democratic convention. Hannity called attention to this on his show today. Here are the relevant paragraphs:

Other Democrats said that beyond biography, Mr. Kerry's convention had been planned as a pageantry of patriotism, with a heavy emphasis on Mr. Kerry's service in Vietnam.

"You're going to see more veterans, more patriotism, more talk about protecting our country," said one senior Democrat who insisted on anonymity in discussing the details of the convention. "You're going to think you're looking at a Republican convention."

That is an interesting statement for many reasons. Hannity ran with the, "They're going to try and decieve people about their real agenda" angle. That's certainly important, but I think it misses an even bigger revelation here. The Democrats are admitting that they have been weak on patriotism and on defense and are acknowledging that the Republicans are right here! Well, on second thought, this could be the John "tell people what they want to hear" Kerry influence showing through. If it is, then at the very least it's an admission that Americans are generally conservative. If not, though, isn't this a rather important confession from the Democrats? They're essentially saying they've been wrong about these things and need to move more towards the Republican position when it comes to defense issues. It could also be taken as an acknowledgement that we are indeed at war or at the very least that security is a paramount concern.

However you look at this, though, it doesn't look good for the Dems.

Another Sign the World Has Gone Insane

The Public Editor (Ombudsman) of the New York Times, admits the paper is exceedingly liberal. Wow. You know, I never really thought I'd see this admission. Now, it's not technically coming from inside the Times itself, but the mere public acknowledgement of the left-wing bias that permeates the paper is a huge positive. Looks like some good things are coming out of the end of Howell Raines and Jayson Blair.

So, in another thing that you might never think you'd see, I'd like to praise the New York Times for not only brining Okrent in, but for publishing his concerns and genuinely making some effort to change. I've never enjoyed disliking the New York Times. I want "the paper of record" to truely be that, so I'm heartened to see some progress. ABC News' The Note paved the way in admissions of liberal leanings, and now that the New York Times has done it I'd love to see more. I'm looking in the direction of the Washington Post and CBS News...

One thing I would have liked to see mentioned a bit more in the piece was the crusade against Augusta National in the Times' sports section. However, Okrent was just focusing on the gay marriage coverage and he did allude to the Augusta "controversy."

Corner Items of Note

There were some interesting things in the Corner over the weekend and into today so I thought I'd call attention to a few of them.

First, apparently MoveOn is comparing Fox News to Pravda. Riiiight. Is it anything like this Pravda?

It was pointed out that Andrew Sullivan finally endorsed John Kerry. It was only a matter of time.

Meanwhile, the New York Times ombudsman allegedly admits that the Times indeed leans left. I want to see the link, though. Nothing so far... Wait, here it is! Wow. This probably deserves its own post.

Andrew Stuttaford notes the reaction of Poles to Moore's 122 Minutes Hate.

The latest in fashionable gear from Planned Parenthood... "I had an abortion" T-shirts. Now that says "chic."

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Good Choice President Bush

I am pleased that the Bush Administration has reconsidered its position and will now be taking the 9/11 commissions report a little more seriously. They are saying that some of the recommendations could be set up in a matter of days and that those that have not been implemented will be considered. I think this is what the document deserves at the very least to be considered and thought through as the research piece that it is.  I am very happy to see the Bush Administration take this stance and I hope that we can rectify the security concerns and prevent any horrendous attack both at home and abroad. 

Lance Armstrong Wins Again

Lance Armstrong has set a world record by winning the Tour de France for the sixth time and once again smashing all the completion. The French can boo and hiss all they want but just as in world politics they are still the loser.  Lance Armstrong represents the strength and determination of America and is a great example of our willingness to do what it takes and not give up in the face of adversity (something the French should try to learn.)  I am disappointed that the US Postal Service will not be sponsoring the group anymore and I can only hope that another group continues to sponsor the champions who bring pride to America in the athletic event.  So congratulations Lance Armstrong and lets hope for many more years of victory.


As the DNC convention heats up and I really have nothing better to do almost every day of the week I will try to keep people informed of the disinformation and foolishness that comes out of the convention.  With the wide arrange of off the wall leftists that is sure to pollute the sanity of America it should make for one of the better pieces of entertainment on television.  The security around the city of Boston has made the city a veritable fortress and I am sure we will be seeing no problems and I have great faith in the men and women of the security forces there. Interestingly enough both Fox News and CNN report that people that live in Boston are leaving the city and going on vacation during the convention to avoid the added security and extra delays caused by the convention.  Well more to come on the convention tomorrow.

Another New Book Announcement

Well here is yet another new book that I will have to add to my list of things to read.

Michael Moore Is A Big Fat Stupid White Man by David T. Hardy, Jason Clarke

I think this could be good that someone has finally taken Michael Moore's tactics to him.