Saturday, September 04, 2004

Kerry Joke number 2

Little David was in his 4th grade class when the teacher asked the children what their fathers did for a living. All the typical answers came up -- fireman, cook, Policeman, janitor, journalist, salesman, doctor, garbage man, lawyer, etc. David was uncharacteristically quiet, so the teacher asked him about his father. "He's an exotic dancer in a gay cabaret and other men put money in his underwear. Sometimes he'll go home with a guy." The teacher, obviously shaken, set the other children to work on some exercises and took David aside, asking, "Is that really true about your father?" "No," said David, "He works for the Kerry Campaign, but I was too embarrassed to say that in front of the other kids."

John Kerry Joke

Title: Can I See The President?
One sunny day, an old veteran in a worn service overcoat approached theWhite House from across Pennsylvania Avenue, where he'd been sittingon a park bench.He spoke to the Marine standing guard and said, "I would like to go inand meet with President Kerry."The Marine replied, "Sir, Mr. Kerry is not President and doesn'treside here."The old man said, "Oh......Okay," and walked away.The following day, the same man approached the White House and said tothe same Marine, "I would like to go in and meet with President Kerry"The Marine again told the man, "Sir, I said yesterday, Mr. Kerryis not President and doesn't reside here."The man thanked him and again slowly strolled his way back across thestreet.The third day, the old man approached the White House and spoke to the verysame Marine sentry, saying "I would like to go in and meet with PresidentKerry."The Marine, getting a little agitated at this point, looked at the man andsaid, "Sir, this is the third day in a row you have been here asking to speak toPresident Kerry. I've told you already that Mr. Kerry is not the President and doesn'treside here. Don't you understand?.....How can I make it any clearer????"The old man answered, "Oh, I understand perfectly!! I just love hearingyou say it."The Marine, snapping to attention, saluted, and said, "Sir, See youtomorrow morning, Sir".

Book Review "Angels & Demons" by Dan Brown

“Angels and Demons” by Dan Brown is the bestselling book that serves as a prequel to “The Da Vinci Code”. Angels and Demons like Da Vinci Code was an improbable story but I was still sucked in as I watched the struggle between the illuminati cult and the catholic church. I do find his books to be enjoyable but to all those looking for facts in them get a life. They are not real and merely serve as fiction. I do highly recommend to those who are looking for a quick FICTION read that they take a look at the series and especially the Da Vinci Code.

Convention Wrap Up

With the convention wrap up I will say that I was encouraged by what I saw. The republican party is becoming more moderate and I think leaving its core values but with George Bush that was a given. Zell Miller’s speech hit home a lot of points and I think it was the highlight of the convention. Our families securities and the security of the nation are better protected by George Bush. Alan Colmes can make all the comparisons he wants from 1992 to 2004 but the simple fact is a lot has changed since then and dirty little leftists like Colmes cannot conceive the change of thinking by people like Zell Miller.

I was also encouraged to see Cheney put back on the ticket. He is an incredibly smart person and I think a huge asset to fighting the war on terror. Rumsfeld does a fantastic job and with men like Cheney to oversee the rest I can sleep safely at night. Out nation has been alerted to terrorism and with these vigilant minds watching over us I can feel safer. For those who are curious Cheny is valued at 36 million while Edwards is valued at 39 million. I guess increasing health care costs is more lucrative than supplying our troops. With this new ticket and the bump in the polls I am very encouraged but it is still a long way to go to November and I think it is only going to get nastier.

Thursday, September 02, 2004


I'm leaving on vacation to Minnesota, South Dakota, Montana, and Wyoming today. I should be back around next Friday.

Remember, to keep up with news, you can't go wrong with the links on the right side of the page. Also keep in mind Redstate, Captain's Quarters, Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, and Powerline.

See you next week!

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Night Two

There was quite a bit that went on today. I didn't get the chance to read much around the internet, though, so this post will not feature many links.

Unfortunately, today we had chilling reminders of just what we face in the War on Terror. Chechen rebels car-bombed a Moscow subway station, killing 10 people. Palestinian suicide bombers blew up 2 busses in Southern Israel, and terrorists in Iraq beheaded 12 people from Nepal. Just a few days ago, French hostages were taken in Iraq, demanding the French government reverse its law banning headscarves in school in exchange for the lives of its citizens. We still have a long way to go, and George Bush knows what has to be done. If you want to see the John Kerry School of Foreign Policy in action, look at France. Chriac's appeasement has gotten that country so much... It's a reminder that the Islamo-fascists don't just hate us for our foreign policy; they hate us for who we are, what we represent, freedom and capitalism. It's something to keep in mind while the speeches continue this week.

Following on the heels of Rudy Giuliani's great speech last night, Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger gave a fantastic speech. I wanted to get up an applaud at every other line, just like the delegates. Though I may not agree with him on everything, I think he's dead-on about what makes someone a Republican, and how we live in the greatest country in the world. His life is truely a testament to the possibilities and opportunities America brings to the world.

Since our founding in 1776, people have, by a great majority tried to get into this country. I think that is the most powerful counter-argument to the America-haters. If the United States is so awful, why do people risk their lives to come here, by crossing the desert, floating across the Caribbean, or even the Pacific? If American-style capitalism is so horrible, why was the Berlin Wall necessary? Why did people always want OUT of Vietnam, Hungary, East Germany, and still want out of North Korea? For all the noise the stupid protesters are making in the streets of New York, they should count their blessings that they have the right and the freedom to do so. There are still plenty of places in the world where no such rights are recognized, and a large number of them are the oppressive regimes that populate the Middle East. (No, Israel is not one of them.)

I think Arnold's speech would make a great advertisement for America to the world that dislikes us so much. Rather than hanging our heads low and changing to what Europe wishes we were, as the Democrats would have us do, we should show the world this speech. We should say, "Look at this. In America, a poor Austrian immigrant, who spoke no English upon arrival, became a rich movie star and then governor of our most populous state." Can that happen in any other country in the world? I wonder if a success story like his would even be possible in Britain, Canada, or Australia. I'd like to think so, but I have my doubts.

Anyway, I absolutely loved his speech. The requisite movie jokes, which some found tedious, I thought were genuinely funny. And you have to admire a guy who can use self-depreciating humor in the tradition of Ronald Reagan.

I must admit, though, I was really surprised by Arnold's praise of Richard Nixon. What he said about the contrats between Nixon and Humphrey was certainly correct, but my thought at the time is that praising Nixon in a political speech is strategically risky. Powerline makes the point that "no girlie man" could get up there and praise Nixon. Too true. Still, I would have preferred a more explicit Reagan reference.

So, from Arnie's speech, we charged forward to... the Bush twins. Ouch. I could only describe that as a train wreck. And this wasn't even one that you wanted to watch. It was not well-prepared nor was it well thought-out. It sounded like it was written by a group of marketers trying to figure out how to be "hip." Whoever wrote it should be out on the street to be torn apart by the protesters like a pack of hyenas. ... Too much? Yeah, okay. The guy (well, committee; I don't think a single person could have come up with something that awful) should still be fired, though. It was not funny, not flattering, and just not... good. I can't think of anything good in that speech. And really, I think the Bush twins are much more intelligent (and I hope articulate) than that. Just awful.

And then to recover from that? Well, a really flat speech from Laura Bush. I really like Laura, but tonight she just looked like she was sent up there to read a teleprompter. It really didn't add anything and further drained the energy and momentum created by Arnold. She had some good things to say, but she just didn't say them in any way that will be remembered. I think if Laura had spoken from the heart, instead of from a script, she would have wowed everyone. Unfortunately her speech was just there, like the speeches given during the day. (Even George P. Bush looked more natural.)

Since I went to watch the speeches tonight with some friends, I was able to watch them on Fox News, so I thought I'd write a little on the commentary there. I was almost in agreement with Fred Barnes when he suggested that Laura, Jenna, and Barbara had no place there. I think they have a place, but they just didn't add anything and the twins significantly detracted. I was stupefied that the usually rational Chris Wallace liked the Bush twin debacle. Afterward, Greta's segment reminded me why I never liked her show when I could watch Fox News, and I'll watch almost anything on that channel.

Rush called in to the show and talked about his interview with Bush earlier in the day. I heard that, but wasn't impressed. Rush was for some reason. He asked Bush to explain the how Iraq is an integral part of the War on Terror and I was really hoping Bush would hit one out of the park. Instead he sort of meandered along and didn't really give the strong answer I think he can. He did much better in the Lauer interview the other day. Michelle Malkin has a little of it on her site in her post about the media getting carried away with the "I don't think you can win it" line. The Democrats are running with that for all they can, but they're swimming against the flood of Bush's prior statements.

Despite all my griping, I enjoyed the night. Arnold's speech just outshone everything. His, along with Giuliani's, will be remembered as great speeches beyond he convention. I fear the Bush twins' speech will be remembered as a new level of badness. Okay, I've rambled long enough. This hasn't exactly been a high-quality post, and I apologize for that. Therefore, I'm going to bed.

Oh, and "Terminate Terrorism." I want a bumper sitcker that says that. And one saying "Don't be economic girlie men." Brian, there's a good business opportunity.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Ah, Those "Peaceful" Protesters

Instapundit points to the first video I've seen of ProtestWarrior action out of Sunday's protests, and as has been the case in every other march PW has been to, the moonbats weren't happy and took out their aggression physically. You can read a blog post by the guy who made the video about the action here. Watch this video and you'll see just who the real fascists are. (Hint: Not the guys with the pro-Bush shirts.)

If this intrigues you (and you aren't familiar with PW) head on over to and check out their action in other marches. Then go over to Evan Coyne Maloney's site and check out his videos. If you haven't seen them before, they're eye-openers.

Oh, Instapundit also linked to a couple of interviews with the PW leaders. Here's one from March 2003, and here's the newest one, with Newsweek.

You know, I realized reading that first interview that I'd forgotten that PW got its big start after their first protest was featured on Rush's show and website. I just thought I'd call attention to that. Maybe it'll help some lefties hate Rush even more.

Oh look, Captain Planet is on TV. Excuse me while I go hug the toilet...

Is Santorum Really a Party Hack?

Anyone who's read our blog since its inception (which, first, was not very long ago, and second, if it's a three-digit number, I'll be blown away) is aware that we are not fans of Arlen Specter. We're big Pat toomey supporters here and were disappointed when Toomey lost out in the primary back in April. However, we were also extremely disappointed when Pennsylvania's other senator, Rick Santorum, a good conservative, endorsed Specter in the race. Yes, there's all that "Senate Brotherhood" stuff, but Santorum is well aware of Specter's dismal conservative record, so there was speculation that he was told to do so by the White House.

Tacitus, over at Redstate, feels much like we do about Specter, Toomey, and Santorum. However, he reports an interesting rumor going around the convention floor about Santorum and the speakers. Apparently, Santorum was just as concerned as other conservatives were about the lack of true conservative speaker highlights (though in light of Giuliani's speech, that may be less of a concern). According to Tacitus, he calle dup Karl Rove and complained, and better conservatives were added. Very interesting.

Convention Night One Thoughts

I won't be doing this every night, but since I was in front of the computer while I watched the replays of tonight's speeches, I wrote down my reactions.

I was out, so I didn’t get a chance to watch the convention speeches live. I tuned back in to C-SPAN part of the way through McCain’s speech. Was he just me, or did he seem like he was sedated? I’m often annoyed with McCain (like I happen to be at the moment), but come on, he had all the charisma of Algore before he went insane. Where are the lightsabers?

I’m certainly glad he took a shot at Michael Moore, though, and was even more pleased with the audience’s reaction. The camera focused right in on Moore, who seemed to figure he was in for it. For a moment, I was wondering what the hell he was even doing in the building since he led the terrorist enablers in their march outside yesterday. If it was up to me, he’d be spending the week in North Korea. But, I remembered that he’s there because he’s writing the column for the USA Today as the “hostile observer” that Ann Coulter was to play at the DNC until the USA Today decided they didn’t like her and got Jonah Goldberg instead. (Not to diminish Goldberg in any way; he did an excellent job, as I’ve come to expect from him.)

I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for, Deena Burnett, the wife of a man who was killed on Flight 93, to stand there and talk about her husband telling her over the phone to “Pray, just pray.”

It’s still hard to hear about September 11th, but I have to agree with the GOP here that it needs to be front and center so we remember what this election is all about and what this war is all about. The America-haters outside Madison Square Garden would have us forget what happened there, the Democrats would have us diminish its meaning, and the global far left would have us ruminate on why it was our fault. It’s clear that President Bush is the only candidate who understands what happened and why we are at war and what we must accomplish to win.

And now, it’s time for “Everybody Loves Rudy's Lines!”

“So long as George Bush is our president is there any doubt that they will continue to hear from us?” Great line. He’s absolutely right, too.

I think everyone said “Thank God George Bush is our president.” On 9/11, but Giuliani may have been the first.

Another great line in reference to Kerry’s have-it-both-ways record: “Maybe this explains John Edwards’ need for ‘Two Americas.’”

Giuliani definitely gave a great speech. I certainly hope we’ll see more of that as the week progresses.

Monday, August 30, 2004


In honor of the first day of the Republican National Convention, I wanted to point to some of the great commentary around the blogosphere on various subjects that I read over the past few days.

We begin with the farce that was and is Campaign Finance Reform. Glenn Reynolds sticks it to the people responsible for it once again. Jonah Goldberg also takes on McCain-Feingold in a recent column and his newest addresses a pet peeve I share with him: the idea that unless you experienced something firsthand, you are not qualified to have an opinion about it. I say that's absurd because critical thoughts depend on the ability to make judgements based on secondhand knowledge. In fact, many of the social sciences depend on that very thing (I politely invite post-modernists who take issue with this to go jump in a fast-moving river), especially history. I recall a protest I crashed at Lehigh one day where a screaming hippie told me that unless I'd lived in the Middle East I couldn't possibly know anything about Iraq so I should just shut up because I "get all my news from CNN." Where can you even begin with someone who thinks CNN is biased in favor of Bush's positions?

Speaking of crazy, uninformed buffoons, check out Rich Lowry's encounters with the protesters yesterday. Captain Ed also has excellent commentary on the protests.

Finally, Victor Davis Hanson has another great column, examining Kerry's Swift Boat troubles from the perspective of a Greek military historian. Well worth the read.

Sunday, August 29, 2004


I apologize the link will not load on the website.

Time Mag article

This is a good one about conservative college students who aren't big Bush supporters, kinda like most of us.


I think this article speaks for itself so I will leave off the commentary.
Kerry Medal

Hippie Protester Update

Little Green Footballs has some good commentary on the idiocy that was displayed on C-SPAN earlier today. Charles sums it up well, "Only three years after September 11—when New York and the entire US were grievously wounded by the ideological brethren of these America-hating freaks—they’re marching by the thousands through the streets of Manhattan."

Make sure you read some of the comments as well. This one cut to the chase, "Largest collection of jew haters since Kristallnacht". Unfortunately, that sounds largely correct.

Don't forget the ProtestWarrior Forums for news about fighting back, and Miscellaneous Objections will have pictures. If you really want to venture into the lion's mouth, NYC Indymedia (if you're unfamiliar with them, they're one of biggest nests of leftist hatred online; see LGF if you're interested) has pictures, too.

I think I'm going to be sticking with C-SPAN for convention coverage this week (since I have no access to Fox News). They were cool enough to put on the 6 PM newscast of Channel 7 WABC in New York before, and besides reminding me that local news doesn't have to be complete garbage, they had protest coverage. And what a surprise, the anarchists already lit something on fire in front of Madison Square Garden. Peaceful protesters, huh? They attract the anarchists like moths. Of course, a sizable percentage of the protesters are anarchists anyway...

Right now, C-SPAN has Bush on doing a campaign stop in West Virginia. Good stuff generally, but way too much pandering to the Steel Unions. He's busy talking about the steel tarriffs like they're something to be proud of. Please.

9/11 Comission Report

I have finished reading the 9/11 Commission report on the terrorist attacks and I was reminded by the bravery of the firefighters and law enforcement people that day. It adds a very human face to what happened and I think it is a must read for anyone out there. This corresponding research that was done was exhaustive and it is clearly shown how the infiltration and attack planning from inside the United States occurred. We see the failures of our system at the time and while we may not be safe at the moment we are safer than we ever have been before. Pearl Harbor awoke the “Sleeping Giant” and 9/11 has done the same. Terrorism was a large concern abroad before (has become less so it seems now) and the United States entry into the war against it was enough to slow down the terrorist. We cannot continue this alone and the help of major world powers and the help of the Middle East. Money and manpower are all needed in order to win this war and we must continue to fight onwards. The 9/11 Commission showed how we did not place a high enough priority on terrorism and that we paid for that lack of attention on 9/11. The signs were there and both the Clinton and Bush administration should be held for their actions. Neither administration responded to the USS Cole and it was not until after 9/11 that we even said Al-Qiada was guilty because of our fear of making the terrorists mad it seems. I will make another post on some other aspects a little bit later but once again I really really stress that everyone read this.

Carl Lewis Speaks, and the Audience Loses Brain Cells

It's really disappointing when someone who deserves so much praise and respect like Carl Lewis weighs in on current events with an amazingly asinine opinion. LGF links a story in the Guardian where Lewis takes issue with Bush's promotion of the Afghani and Iraqi athletes, and especially using them in political advertisements.

Criticising Bush for linking his foreign policy with the two countries being allowed to compete here, Lewis said: 'I felt that was disingenuous. It is funny that we boycotted the 1980 Games [in Moscow] in support of Afghanistan, and now we're bombing Afghanistan,' he told the Athens News yesterday.

'Of course, we've invaded Iraq and are in there and are using it for political gain. It bewilders me, and I understand why the Iraqi players are offended.
It's clear that Lewis really just does not have any idea what's going on. Yes, we boycotted the 1980 Games (under Jimmy Carter, who, in case Lewis didn't notice, is not George W. Bush) in support of Afghanistan, and we're STILL supporting Afghanistan in these Games. We're bombing IN Afghanistan, but to just say "we're bombing Afghanistan" equates it with what the Soviets were doing. We're bombing the terrorists in Afghanistan, not the whole country. We got rid of the Taliban, and hey, now they sent a woman to the Olympic Games. Women under the Taliban were lucky if they weren't shot for leaving their house (and they don't fare much better in Iran) and now an Afghani woman has competed in the Olympic Games. I think that's pretty significant progress. It's also pretty clear that it would not have happened without President Bush's leadership in either Iraq or Afghanistan. If the athletes really don't want to be featured in the ads, I'd say it would be a nice gesture to take them out, but the message of the advertisement is entirely legitimate. If Lewis disagrees with that, fine, but acting indignant when a presidential candidate points to the direct result of his policies to explain why he should be elected (unlike a certain Massachusetts Senator) shows a certain political naïveté, and, of course, a misunderstanding of the war.

The Moonbats Come Out

Instapundit points to Miscellaneous Objections, which is featuring pictures from the idiot protesters all week. Just in case your morbid curiosity gets the better of you. Sadly, it has for me.

Apparently, after clogging the streets with bicycles last night (for what purpose?), the first order of business was to hold another "March for Women's Lives." You know, if these people want to march for abortion, fine. But I'm really sick of how disingenuous the name of the march is, and of course the media is more than happy to go along. Have your march, but call it a freaking pro-abortion march. The idea that it's to save women's lives is such an amazing red herring, it's pathetic how long they've gotten away with saying that. Someone has to say it, so I will: I guess they're not all that interested in saving the lives of the future women who make up half of aborted babies.

Then comes the usual moronic protester rabble. Almost three years of these people (they started with Afghanistan, remember?) has just made me really disdainful of them. The following paragraphs may get rather bitter, but it's just the fatigue of seeing their nonsense all the time. Yeah, I know, I'm drawn to it. Reminds me of a couple lines from that Weird Al song, "Jerry Springer," "Once you start watchin', there's just no stoppin', your brain shuts down and your IQ's droppin'... It's totally worthless like a bad check, it's like a train wreck, don't wanna stare but you can't look away..." Look what these guys are doing to my brain. They have me quoting Weird Al songs in a blog post. And the week hasn't even started yet...

I need to vent a bit, so feel free to move on to the next post if that's not to your liking.

First among the pictures we have dozens of empty shoes; do they represent the soldiers killed by the terrorists or the innocent civilians the Americans raped and stripped of their skin so they could fuel their tanks of oppression?

Then there's this idiotic letter, apologizing for the "agression." It complains about "the enormous suffering... the killing, the wounding, and ahrrassment of so many Iraqi children and adults." I really shouldn't be anymore, but I'm amazed at the blinding omission in that this is exactly what those poor people were suffering under Saddam Hussein, and thanks to us, are no longer. The letter further complains about "the destruction of Iraqi infrastructures." Except, of course, we've upgraded and expanded the Iraqi infrastructure. We've repaired oil facilities that were left to rust for years, we've build schools and hospitals. We've repaired water treatment facilities and power plants. We made the electrial grid reliable beyond the Baghdad city limits. I just cannot fathom how anyone can make the argument that the Iraqi people are not better off afterwards. This was not a "war of aggression." Poland 1939 is a war of aggression. These people absolutely do not understand history, nor do they understand the current world situation.

Oh boy, it's a guy with a sign full of "Buck Fush" magnets. How amazingly clever. Did your mom help you come up with that? I'm sorry, that was mean. But it felt good.

More idiocy. Don't these people have anything better to do? Go call people for Kerry or something, geez.