Saturday, September 11, 2004

F*** the Vote

Wow. Three posts in a row. This is out of control.

A few days ago, Adam sent me this link but unfortunately, my connection at home is too slow. I only got through about a quarter of the video, but that's about all I could stomach anyway. I found it to be very offensive, so be forewarned, but these are the people we're dealing with on the other side of the political spectrum. Granted, these are the far lefties, but still, they give a bad name to their cause the way Eric Rudolph gave a bad name to pro-lifers.

Getting My Protest On

I had so much fun protesting at the Kerry rally yesterday! My biggest observation was the difference between Bush supporters and Kerry supporters. These people were just downright rude and nasty. If I had a dollar for every time one of them gave me the finger, I could pay next year's tuition in cash. At one point, we were walking down the sidewalk. The line of Kerry people was on the left and there were cars parked along the road to our right, so we were walking between the Kerry people and the cars, not saying anything but just trying to find the other groups of College Republicans down along the fence. The girl walking in front of me stopped suddenly because a Kerry woman stepped right in front of her and blocked the path. The CR girl said, "Excuse me" and the Kerry woman said, "Excuse ME, I am not moving so you can get through." The CR girl said, "We just want to get past" and the woman replied, "Absolutely not!" So I stepped around the CR girl and said, "Excuse me, but you can't block the whole sidewalk" and I pushed past her. The other kids from our group filed behind me while she stood there with her mouth hanging open.

The bottom line is just be civil. The country is so polarized that Bush and Kerry each have large followings. We're all Americans, so why can't we all just respect each other's rights? There was so much vulgarity on the Kerry side that it was just disappointing. It's hard to take someone's opinion seriously when all they can say is "F*** Bush! And f*** you!"

I had a lot of fun getting to talk to some of the other Bush supporters there. We were joined by a lot of older veterans, as well as doctors. It was funny to hear the Kerry people yell at us that we were a bunch of spoiled college kids who should join the military because we obviously don't know what it's like. First of all, these comments were mostly coming from women in their 50s who probably haven't served a day in their lives, either. But besides that, there were several College Republicans in our midst who are members of the military. One kid from our club is in the ROTC and he loved shouting back at these people. Another guy who came up from a different school actually whipped out his military ID when a Kerry fan said he didn't believe him that he just got back from Kosovo. A little advice to the lefties out there: be careful when criticizing Bush supporters for not being members of the military. Guess what? Kerry isn't going to win the military vote.

Friday, September 10, 2004

9/11 Anniversary

Boy oh boy, a lot has happened since my last trip to the blog. I have to mention that my last post, on the Licorice the Hamster story, got a little mention at the GOP convention by the Bush twins. They said something in their speech about how if a similar situation had happened with one of their pets, the animal would have died. I just can't picture George W. giving mouth-to-mouth to a rodent.

I was on my way home from school this morning and caught part of the Glenn Beck Show. Lately, I haven't been listening to much talk radio, but I turned it on in time to hear some of his 9/11 tribute montage, which is available on his website. Three years later, recordings of phone calls made by people inside the World Trade Center still make me cry. To hear them confused, uncertain, and afraid is heart-wrenching and it's something we don't think about much anymore. A friend of mine lost her brother that day. When I think of the Clinton years, when terrorist act after terriost act went ignored, I get very angry. Her family did not deserve that loss.

This afternoon, I will be giving John Kerry a warm welcome at a local rally. I wonder what, if anything, he will say about tomorrow's anniversary. He'll probably be too busy screaming "THE W STANDS FOR WRONG!" to pay any attention to that.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

World Wide Election Laughed at by all!

Recently there was a world election poll to see who people in other countries would choose to be the president of the United States. This is of course why we don’t let the world vote in our elections but three countries voted for Bush, two were divided and the remaining 30 voted for John Kerry. Other counties of the world do not have to worry about our domestic situation and they are foolish. They should not even be considering how they would vote in our election. I can understand if they are apprehensive about what a new president might mean for the security of the world or what 4 more years will do for their security. The idea of them voting is so absolutely ridiculous that I can hardly believe this poll took place. Hopefully the American public will not be swayed by any of this tripe and we can get back to normal business of having an AMERICAN election.

1000 Brave Men and Women!

We have seen over 1000 Americans killed in Iraq recently and it was a time of reflection. Many liberals are making a huge deal over this 1000 death mark. While I do not dismiss this as a trivial matter I do look at it as an overreaction. These liberals think that we are passing a horrendous total unequaled in modern war. Bullshit this is a long term commitment by the United States to a more secure and stronger middle east with Iraq as a democratic cornerstone. We will face many hardships as the largets power in the world and many storms. If this nation remains divided then the United States will eventually fall. I hope we can honor these troops as they deserve to be and remember the ultimate sacrifice that they gave so those of another nation could live in freedom. The foreign fighters that continue to flood Iraq should not be allowed to win and the Iraqi people while needing to protect themselves cannot do it alone. It would be nice if the other countries of the world would commit more than a token force but it seems to be expected that we will go it alone. I am grateful for those that take up the call to defend the weak and the innocent by giving the greatest sacrifice anyone can give. May these 1002 be remembered for the bravery, their compassion, and their desire to make a difference.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004


Even as Clinton undergoes bypass surgery he is able to give John Kerry advice about how to run his election campaign. The advice of stop talking about Vietnam is very good and I hope that John Kerry follows it. I am sick of hearing about Vietnam and I think it has backfired on Kerry. It should never have been a campaign issue and it was his own mistake for making it one. It is time to move onto the real issues which will finally define John Kerry because even after the convention I still do not know who he is except for his Vietnam war record.
Even though I have written many negative thing about President Clinton I do hope for a speedy recovery and that he will be okay. I hope Hillary takes some time out of her campaign (hahahaha) schedule to help her husband and that his recovery goes well.


I was horrified to see in today’s morning Call that Russia had taken families hostage that were linked to the Chechan Rebels. Law enforcement and war on terror is one thing but I would never even dream of holding Bin Laden’s family hostage and threatening to execute them. That activity goes way to far and should not be used by responsible and respectable nations in the world. I think Russia has made a huge mistake in doing this and will only invite more hostage situations. While they have always had harsh ways of dealing with their enemy they need to realize the new world they are living in and take appropriate actions. I hope that Russia will join the rest of the world in the war on terror and in the process of fighting its own war fight responsibly.