Sunday, November 21, 2004

Tips for the Protest Warriors

I love the guys at Protest Warrior. It's fantastic to have people with the courage, spirit for adventure and outright love of confrontation to take on the looney left when they swarm the steets. It drives the moonbats even more batty to find that there are people who interrupt their nihilist demonstrations with righteous arrows of truth aimed straight at their puny liberal brains. ...too much? Yeah.

Anyway, I'm grateful to the Protest Warriors for getting out there and exposing the lies, hypocrisy, and outright intellectual bankruptcy of the protest-loving left. Not to mention exposing the Stalinist front-group International ANSWER that sponsors and organizes so many of the protests. I'm also glad they're exposing some of the more disturbing tendencies of these people (who are creepy enough), from the North Korean flag-wavers to the ANSWER would be-Brownshirts to the creepy roving bands of keffiyah-wearing terrorist sympathizers who berate any who dare oppose them and look like they were lifted right out of a march in Gaza.

I just finished watching the latest PW video, Liberty Rising, chronicling their assault on the crazies who came to disrupt the RNC back in August, and I must say that it is overall fine work for them as usual. However, I have one bone to pick with them, and that is how they conduct some of their video interviews. I wish they would be a little more coherant in their arguments with lefties (who are almost never that way) and a little less quick to head right to, "Why do you support Islamo-facism?" or "Why do you hate freedom?" I tend to prefer Evan Coyne Maloney's style of enaging them and pointing out their idiocy as they go along.

One interview in particular troubled me because it degenerated without the PW guy making some refutations that would have worked better than getting testy. About 3/4 of the way through a PW interviewer is arguing with an anti-corporate peacenik on an NYC corner about corporations and government. The peacenik is busy complaining about corporations not paying taxes and whining about Halliburton and "no-bid contracts" saying corporations screw every country in the world. The PW representative correctly makes the point that corporations create wealth and jobs, but then they start arguing about whether communist countries have corporations or not. The hippie makes the point that China has them, but unfortuantely the PW guy gets a bit flustered by this and the hippie thinks he scored a major point. What needed to be pointed out was that China's economic boom only began with the reforms instituted after the death of Mao under Deng Xiaoping. China has corporations now because it's communism is more political than economic.

What I wish the pW guy had said to Mr. Republicans are Evil was, "Do you support fair trade or free trade?" I suspect that the hippie would have selected fair trade, and then the killing blow to his house of cards could have been, "Well, you realize that fair trade is governments giving out corporate welfare, which you profess to despise." I would have loved to see the guy's reaction to that.

Ultimately, though, this is Monday morning quarterbacking on my part, and I know very well how in the heat of the arument, you rarely get to make you best points. I can't count how many debates or arguments I've emerged from only to feel that I did a terrible job, should have said this or that, forgot that point, etc., only to be told by my friends that I did a decent job. So, I really shouldn't nitpick too much beyond my general wish that the PWs had been a litle calmer in the man-on-the-street parts. Whatever happens in the protet mob, I can completely understand.

Check the videos out for yourself, if you haven't yet. In the end, I'm sure you'll admire these guys as I do.