Friday, February 04, 2005

Planet Simpson!!!

I recently finished a book I think my fellow bloggers would enjoy. “Planet Simpson: How a cartoon Masterpiece defined a generation” by Chris Turner is an interesting look at how the Simpson’s have helped to shape pop culture as we generation X’ers know it. The book is written by a very liberal person whose bias does ring throughout but the overall book was enjoyable once you got past that. The book recalls many memorable Simpson moments bringing warm thoughts of the hilarity of homer, the antics of Bart, the morals of Marge or the brains of Lisa. It recounts the stereotypes the show propagates both within Springfield and when the Simpson’s go abroad (Especially to Australia and Japan). Memorable side characters from Sideshow Bob to all of Phil Hartman are best. Hank Scorpio is also given an honorable mention as Albert Brooks best. Without giving to many of the conclusions it draws to in the book the author does a pretty good job of tying all the parodies together and pointing out some that casual watchers would have missed. I also found a complete listing for the news headlines that scroll across the bottom in the episode where fox news is being watched. Those will be placed at the bottom of this post. I highly recommend this book for any Simpson fans and for those who wish to ponder the significance of the show and the satires it produces.

All of the following run across the bottom of the Fox News Screen on the Simpson’s
Do democrats cause cancer? Find out at
Oil slicks found to keep seals young, supple
Brad Pitt+ Albert Einstein= Dick Cheney
Building burned down in NYC.. Hillary Clinton thought responsible.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

What More Is There To Say?

From Yahoo and Reuters.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Coming out in favor of a constitutional amendment defining marriage? Pretty bold, G Dubs, pretty bold!

Monday, January 31, 2005

Merger Update

I mentioned in a post awhile back about the merger between Hewlett-Packard and Compaq and talked a little about the strategies involved while trying to showcase women in business. I have been looking at a new article in the most recent issue of Fortune magazine that put that into perspective. “Perfect Enough: Carly Fiorina and the Reinvention of Hewlett-Packard” by George Anders is still a very good source of information for those who want to learn about the initial merger and the details. It is the conclusions drawn afterwards where we are seeing problems. At the time of reading I agreed mostly with the projections made by Anders minus the one that HP would close down their computer line. HP went through a brand name phase where they learned the importance of the HP name. This name does serve them well in Printers and I think Dell may be making a foolish move in trying to get into that market. Only time will tell on that issue though. With regards to the real problem from the merger is that HP shareholders have simply been big losers. Those who had Compaq stock before the merger are doing quite well but the HP stock is down from what would be 100 to 74 on the index. The company before the merger was looking at splitting into two divisions printers and computers. Now the article proposes that the company will have to split into three adding Compaq computers to the divisional list. I hope that Carly Fiorina can get things back under control and deliver on her promises that were made. In the event that she cannot the article did mention Meg Whitman as the dominant CEO and representative of women in business out there which if you recall my post was also my conclusion. Meg’s work in Ebay has been great and she does a wonderful job of keeping the company true to its heritage and always making money. I will try to follow this merger story as best I can and keep people updated.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Free Iraqis Win!!!!

As David has shown there is a great deal of good coverage on the Iraqi elections. I simply want to add to the congratulations already being said. It is a wonderful thing that democracy can take these fledging steps forward. For all realistic concerns there was minimal violence today. We have seen a great victory in Iraq for the United States, Iraqis and the whole region. Today has seen a defeat for those who support terror. They called for violence and bloodshed among the masses and were denied. The terrorists are losing the war in Iraq and most impressively it was Iraqis today electing their leaders under the protection of primarily Iraqi troops. To the democrats and naysayers we have seen a great victory that despite John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Hillary Clinton’s remarks there is good in the Middle East and it is working. The country is on the way to rebuilding itself and even in my wildest dreams I would not have envisioned it so well. The people today no matter what age or in what condition went out to vote. 60 percent participation rate is excellent and although those who listened to the terrorists and did not vote have lost on this chance at democracy I don’t think they will be making that mistake again. Congratulations to Iraq and I am sure we will all look forward to the days ahead when we see who will become the next guardians of freedom in the Middle East.

Election Eve Links

I'm back in Colorado, have lots of stuff to take care of, and haven't even finished packing, so, of course, that means I'd rather be blogging. In this case, I wanted to bring to attention posts about the Iraqi elections tomorrow from some of my favorite Iraqi bloggers.

Rocketman at Power Line links to a stirring, inspirational post by Ali, formerly of Iraq the Model, who now has his own blog, Free Iraqi. Ali is proud, excited, and happy about tomorrow's elections. These elections are a dream come true for Iraqis like Ali and his brothers. They are a promise for a better future in Iraq and a more secure future in America. Tomorrow will be a momentous day, a day the liberals and naysayers here and in Europe said would never come, a day the terrorists tried their hardest to prevent from coming. I'm optimistic that Ali's thoughts echo those of the majority of Iraqis and tomorrow, I think we'll have a good indication of whether I'm right. Go read what Ali has to say and take some solace that despite the media and the opposition's pedictions of doom, good things are happening.

Of course, you should head on over to Iraq the Model and see what Mohammed has to say about tomorrow. For a more measured and bigger-picture view, see what Zeyad at Healing Iraq wrote last week (he's in Amman and unable to blog this week), as he recounts some recent conversations he's had.

Instapundit, while not an Iraqi blogger, probably has the best roundup of Iraqi Election links here and here. He also points out that the inimitable Roger L. Simon is liveblogging the election coverage.

Charles has a picture (and post title) that says it all. Of course, it says different things to the far left.

As I watch the snow fall quietly here in Colorado, I can only pray that our Iraqi friends and our soldiers will also experience some measure of tranquility tomorrow. My heartfelt wishes of the greatest success for the people of Iraq and for the safety of the men fighting that Iraq and America might be free.