Thursday, March 24, 2005

my results from the quiz


Holy crap

I took this test and the HTML code generator wasn't working, so here are my results thanks to the old-fashioned way of copy and paste:

What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?

Anarchism: 83%

Republican: 67%

Socialist: 33%

Democrat: 0%

Green: 0%

Nazi: 0%

Fascism: 0%

Communism: 0%

I think anarchism = libertarian. Kevin I may have just unofficially joined your club.

Sunday, March 20, 2005


I just had a few links I wanted to pass along from the end of this week. The majority of these come via The Corner or are on NRO, which, as one might guess, is testament to the lack of diversity in my blog reading lately. I need to get back to regularly reading Power Line and Captain's Quarters, etc. Well, I never miss Lileks, but that's a given.

First, yet another piece on Campaign Finance "Reform." Ryan Sager is on the hunt and he's uncovered more dirt on the McCain-Feingold people. A must-read.

On to the treasures of NRO:

Byron York examines how the Democratic leadership has wholeheartedly embraced and their mentality.

John Derbyshire looks at US-China relations.

Victor Davis Hanson has two excellent columns. One from this week, on the wearisome Bushitler analogies (certainly better than what I've written on the subject) and the other from last week, with a look back at the remarkable successes of the War on Terror. Who could have imagined what we'd be witnessing just two years ago when Iraqi Freedom began?

Meanwhile, another must-read is Jonah Goldberg's account of his visit to ANWR and North Slope oil fields. He details the painstaking effort that goes into making as little impact on the environment as possible, the desolate area, the size of the area and many other points that support drilling.

Finally, don't forget that Derb is recording his Derb Radio show every week. It's well worth the download. Play it on your mp3 player on the way back from class or work.

Moving to DC

Well, I have some exciting news to announce. I've finally managed to get a job; one in Washington, DC no less. So, I will be moving this week to hopefully start toward the end of the week.

Does this mean anything for blogging? Well, besides being in the center of political action, I don't think much will change in the near term as far as my frequency or quality of posts goes. The transition (and apartment search) will probably keep blogging just as infrequent as it has been, though it is my goal to return to regular blogging once all of that is taken care of. As always take my goals here with a grain of salt.