Thursday, June 02, 2005

Back to the Grind

After approximately one month of final exams, rest, and relaxation, I have returned to the wonderful world of interns. My latest adventures have me out at the beautiful state capitol and on remote assignments throughout the area. As Brian knows, I was off on an excursion to tape a television program for a senator and ran into his cousin today. So far so good, but it will be much better once my first paycheck arrives.

The main point of my long-awaited post came to me this morning as I was flying down the highway on my 90ish-minute commute. My heart lept, then sank as I approached a car with a Toomey for Senate bumper sticker. Brief disappointement turned to pure pleasure as I read the driver's license plate: "Taxcuts." Better yet, the driver was an attractive (redheaded!) young man. I tried to get his attention so I could express my extreme happiness at both his bumper sticker and his license plate, but he was on his cell phone. He doesn't know what he missed. It could have been love on the interstate, a match made in heaven between a fellow follower of Pat Toomey and me, the best damn intern since Monica Lewinsky.